dinsdag 27 november 2012

Today I started to publish my diary about my quests and voyages in the world of Middle Earth Online (LOTRO).

Turbine created a huge and fantastic world to travel in, whit great vistas and glorious well known places. The possibility to explore all the famous sites and landscapes you read about in the books (or saw in the movies), is a real thrill for every Tolkien enthusiast. Everyone knows probably the 'kick' of traveling and to discover sites which can enlighten yourself.

The game Lord of the Rings Online creates such a thrill, at least if you like PC games and exploring huge fantasy worlds. In this blog i will show you some interesting places i have visited, as a kind of real life diary.

As long as it is possible, I will try to explore places which are unknown or near impossible to reach. This is the most interesting part of LOTRO's huge world. To be at places the developers never intend you to visit, or - maybe - just want you to visit, but are hard to find.

I hope you will enjoy my voyages.


For reasons of safety I will not show you all the details to enter a place which is very hard to reach. I only show you some pictures and my blog to read about it. And, of course, that it is really possible to stand on a high rock, ruin, cliff, waterfall - etcetera - you never dreamed of!


Sunset in Eastern Angmar

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