donderdag 17 oktober 2013

Wonderful Places in Lotro's Middle Earth

Today I released that I originally set up this blog page about of world adventuring in Lotro's Middle Earth. The main focus was to describe and photograph all these wonderful places most players never had seen.
But Lotro is - of course - far more. There are lots of places which are both easily accessed and are wonderful too. So, I decided to post my most memorable places I have seen in the game on this page of my blog Wonderful Places in Middle Earth!

Orange sky at the Ice Bay of Forochel (dawn)

Some days ago, a loremaster Grishrond on the Landroval server, told to me that one of the most astonishing sights in Lotro was to be seen in the lands of Forochel. At dusk the sky tend to have a wonderful peach to pink appearance. If you ever have seen such wonderful skies in Lotro's world, please send me a screenshot.

Salmon sky in Misty Mountains (dusk)
Brooding orange sky during sunset in Angmar
A hazy sunset in the High Moor of Trollshaws
Peach sky at th Ice Bay of Forochel (dusk)

As a female elf you are just lucky to acquire at some dark wood the old elven witchcraft. There are rumors about a 1nd Age wooden staff that can let you fly for just a day. Well these rumors are true! I acquired such a flying staff for one day, and lo and behold I could travel in the air and make some wonderful areal pictures of Middle Earth. Here you see some pictures from famous places.