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How to get a Legendary Weapon

A legendary weapon is a highly customizable weapon. You must level it the same way as you level a character class. So, if you want to advance the weapon to the max, you have to slay monsters and complete quests to get XP points for you legendary weapons (or items).

There are legendary weapons for each class and for different class levels. The basic weapon - the weapon you get at start -  will be a Third Age weapon. There are also Second Age and even (quite rare!) First Age weapons. Second and First Age weapons belong to the very best weapons in the game and are highly sought after.

Secondary legendary weapons and items
Your primary legendary item - as described above - will be always a weapon and you can only use a legendary weapon which is specifically forged for your own class. Each class can choose out of a range of different legendary weapon types.

Besides weapons, there are also secondary legendary items, like books (loremaster, minstrel), belts (guardian), runes (champion), emblems (captain), tools (burglar) and a rune-bag for a runekeeper. Hunters and Wardens can use a second legendary weapon, which can be a spear (warden) or an axe (hunter).

Picking up the first quest at the ruined gate in Echad Dúnann

How to obtain
  • Your first legendary item (usually a weapon) can be acquired by completing the quest A Weapon of the Elder Days. It is chapter 9 from the questseries of Vol. II, Book 1: The Walls of Moria
  • The second legendary item can be acquired by completing the quest Khazad-dûm at Last! It is chapter 14 from the questseries of Vol. II, Book 1: The Walls of Moria.
Both of these legendary items are of a good overall quality, so I advise you to complete all the quests of Volume II Book 1 The Walls of Moria. The only drawback of these weapons is that they only advance to level 40 and they will have the same DPS as a level 51 item. But, as an extra, you can slot these weapons with legacies like relic settings, gems, runes and/or personally crafted legacies. These legacies give you all kinds of boosts, like Morale, Power etc.

As you can see you can obtain your legendary weapon already at level 45Note the stats of the legendary weapon, compared to a regular equipped weapon
You can boost these stats by adding legacy points into these stats

Be aware that you must complete the whole Vol. II, Book 1: The Walls of Moria questline series, which ends in Moria. At the end you will get your second legendary item from a Dwarf called Tulk. Tulk resides in Durin's Threshold, thats the first hall in Moria when you enter it. He will stand near the milestone, opposite to the stable master.
If you start leveling your legendary weapon before you end the questline, so before you get your secondary legendary item, there will be a problem when you want to reforge your legendary weapon. At level 20, both the forge-master and the relic-master don't want to serve you anymore, only saying 'this action is not possible'. When both masters are not accessible anymore, you have to finish the questline. After finishing it, and slotting your second legendary item, the forge-master and relic-master will be active again.

Additional legendary items 
Additional legendary items can be acquired through the following means:
  • Lvl 65 Second Age item: complete the epic quest Ergothorn Elf-friend, which start with Vol III, Book 3, Chapter 4. By completing this quest you will get a selectable level 65 Second Age legendary item as a reward.
  • Lvl 85 Second Age bridle (for a warhose): complete the epic quest of The Dividing Line, which start with Vol III, Book 9, Chapter 9. By completing the quest series  you will get a selectable level 85 Second Age bridle legendary item as a reward.

When to obtain your first legendary items
To obtain your first legendary weapon and item, you must have the following requirements:
1) Your character must have reached at least level 45.
2) You must have the Mines of Moria expansion, otherwise you cannot slot the weapon

You can 'get' also a legendary weapon as loot from level 50+ mobs, by killing them a lot. Of course, you can also simply buy one in the Auction Hall. In that case: be aware that you choose a weapon of the appropriate level, otherwise you have to wait until you reach the proper level. To wield one you need to complete the Walls of Moria questline mentioned above, which requires you be at least level 45. When you reach the quest called
Weapon of the Elder Day in this series (Vol II Book I chapter 9), you will eventually receive your most wanted legendary weapon. 

However, you have to finish the complete questline of The Walls of Moria to receive your second legendary item and - more importantly - to get full access of the forge- and relic-masters. Its really simple: just finish all the quests of Vol II Book I until it ends in Moria (see the Attention note above). Btw: You will get some fine gear also...

Minimum drop level The minimum level to get looted legendary weapons as a drop occurs at level 51 and higher. So you need to be level 51 to get the drops and to equip those (after identifying them at a Forge-Master). If you don't have the Mines of Moria expansion, you could get an legendary weapon in your lootbag (as a drop from a slain enemy), but you are not be able to identify and wear it. You cannot sell legendary weapons to a vendor, but you can - if you wish - trade it to other players by secure trade or put some on the Auction Hall (that must be non bound legendary weapons en items of course, it doesn't matter if they are identified of not).

When to start
I got my first legendary weapon on a runekeeper at level 45. 

Some people believe that doing the quests at this level is very hard, but that's just hearsay. If you know how to heal yourself by spells (skills) and morale pots, its not so hard at all. Maybe for some classes it's more difficult, especially when you do little damage, have 1500 Morale or less and don't know how to use morale pots. But I think that at least minstrels, wardens, champs, captains and guardians will do fine. For a hunter it should generally not be very difficult, but stay at a distance when shooting and be sure to have at least 10 morale pots with you (or 20 if you like). A vitality boost with some food is also very handy. For loremasters it will not be a big problem, but you must know how to heal yourselves with flank-bonusus and how to master your pet. Otherwise you need a lot of morale pots and fast shoes to run quickly away. I don't know how well burglars will do, but i think if they use their stun abilities regularly, it's all doable.

If you don't feel comfortable doing the quest at level 45, come back when you are 47 or 50. At level 50 it shouldn't be a big problem at all.

At level 45 your enemies are red, causing your skills to be reflected frequently

Where to start

Part 1: from Trollshaws to Gwingris
To get the quest, you have to go to Echad Dúnann in the lands of Eregion. You can go there by horse, by visiting the stable at Rivendell, or you can ride yourself if you haven't travel this route before.

From Rivendell to Gwingris (click to enlarge)
From Gwingris to Echad Dúnann  (click to enlarge)
If you have never been there, I advise you to travel to the river Bruinen in Trollshaws. Follow the river southwards, and keep on the west bank until you pass (high above you) the elven settlement Echad Candelleth (36.8S 14.2W). Just follow the river until you see Carbert's fishers cottage at 38.2S 14.6W. Just before the cottage, go left and cross the river to the other side (east bank). At that place you will see a path leading uphill. If you follow this path, you will cross a giant tree trunk as a bridge and at the end of the path you will see the elven ruins of Gwingris, high uphill (you see it at the right side of the road). Be sure to visit the stable and hit it when the icon is blue. 

Follow the west bank of the river Bruinen towards the south
Cross the Bruinen just before Garbert's Cottage
Take the road uphill
Cross the tree-trunk bridge
Arriving at Gwingris in Eregion

Part 2: from Gwingris to Echad Dúnann 
From Gwingris you have to go to the ruins of Echad Eregion. Just follow the path which is leading southwards, out of Gwingris (look on the map for Echad Eregion, by hitting the M key). Open the stable at Echad Eregion and travel further south. Try to avoid nasty creatures, or finish them of if you feel strong. After a while you will see a T-junction just before a dry riverbed. Go left (eastwards) and follow the road until you reach the elven settlement in the ruins of Echad Dúnann. Near the stable you will see some kind of magical gate to Moria, whit a named dwarf called Ráthwald. He will give you the starter quest Strangers in Hollin (chapter 1 of Vol II, Book I, called The Walls of Moria), which will eventually lead to the quest A Weapon of the Elder Days.

Head to the south and go to the stable at the ruins of Echad Eregion
After Echad Eregion, go further southwards, turn left (east) at the dry riverbank
Head to the mountains in the east until you arrive at the ruins of Echad Dúnann

You have to level your weapon with XP-points by doing quests and slaying enemies
As you can see in the picture, my weapon is level 6, and the maximum level is 40.
I have changed the damage type with a scroll to Westernesse (see my blog about damage with an edge).
I have 50 unspent legacy points to boost my weapon even further.

                  SPOILER ALERT!!!!                         

Don't read further because this part will reveal some secrets about the Walls of Moria Questline

A short narrative of the questline: The Walls of Moria

1. Strangers in Hollin
Pick up the quest at the ruined gate at Echad Dúnann from the dwarf Ráthwald, which will eventually leads you to the entrance into to Moria. Just ask Ráthwald, he will give you a quest to look for Tulk, some Dwarf who is working near a dark lake.

Start the questline at Ráthwald

2. Along the Sirannon

Tulk will ask you to defeat some spies and to collect talons from them.

3. Bosi the Dwarf

After the spy quest you are asked to find Bósi and give a report. You can find him somewehere near a cart along the road.

4. Outside the Gate

After the talk to Bósi it seems that you are promoted to a pizza-boy (or pizza-girl) and you have to deliver 7 lunches to dwarfworkers. Locate them and given them their meal-on-heels. After that you are promoted as a parcel-carrier and you have to bring some broken tools to Bósi.
Bringing lunches to dwarf-workers (hmmm.. do they work?)

5. Handling the situation

To repair the tools you have to collect some thick fallen branches in a field full of small black spies. Be aware of them and finish them off before you pick up the dead branches. But wait, that's not all! You have to find some stones too, just ask Bori at the stairs leading to the Dark Pool for some guidance. Like the branches, there are plenty of little black spies near the stones.
Attacked by Crebain during my search for dead branches

6. Cousin Brogur

You thought you were ready now? of course not! These tedious dwarves just never stop with their errands. Now you have to talk to Brogur for your next task. He is a sturdy fellow with an eye-patch. Brogur will give you a difficult task when you are level 45.  You have to enter a wolven infested area to find the source for their recent aggressive behavior. 

Entering a dangerous territory with aggressive Shadow Wargs

7. Wolf-voices on the Wind

Before you can investigate the wolf problems, you must ask the dwarf Broin for some guidance. This is one of the most dangerous parts of the quest series to fulfill. You have to go to the southwestern part of the dried Gate-stream, in a grassy area with very dangerous black wargs. Slay some wargs and find the cause of all the trouble. After you have reported the problems to Broin, you have to report it to Bósi. Bósi will give you a nice reward.

The solo quest against the wargs can be pretty hard.
Ranged weapon wielders and spell casters: stay at the back!

8. Before the Doors of Durin

On this quests, which is a solo-quest, you have to help the dwarves to slay some very aggressive wargs. Take some pots with you an/or boost your vitality or in-combat regeneration with some food. 

At the Black Pool

At he entrance doors to Moria - it's closed ... yet

During the battles, just stay a bit behind if you can (ehhh .... guardians, wardens, captains, champs and burglars must stay in front, although you can attack them with your bow). Help the dwarves to slay some hideous evil creatures. 

Scolding a dwarf who is casting stones into the Plack Pool
Afterwards you are asked to go to the secret doors to Moria and help them with all kinds of task. In the end a very scary creature emerges from the lake and will attack the dwarves. The only thing i can say to you, is to listen carefully to the directions they will give you. if you don't, you will certainly die! 

If you live after these quest, you will get some fine rewards from Ráthwald.

9. A Weapon of the Elder Days
Finally, the quest to obtain your first Legendary Weapon is at hand! After completing the terrible critters at the dark pool, you will get your legendary weapon. Just Ráthwald for some directions and the dwarf Hundi in Echad Dunann for the weapon...

10. Forgotten Lineage

In this quest you have to read a lot about the legendary weapons. Don't skip the texts, because its very useful information. Well, be prepared to ask some serious advise from Dithalion, an elf who lives in .... Rivendell! That will be a ling journey back! Dithalion will tell you how to identify a weapon at a Forge-Master, since you cannot wield it before it is identified. You also learn how to slot your weapon with relics.

11. Worth beyond

Now the time has come to level your new legendary weapon until it finally reaches level 10!

12. Forged Anew
After your legendary weapon have reached level 10, you learn how to reforge it at a Forge-Master. 

13. The Watcher in the Water
So you thought you were done? Of course not! After you reforged your weapon, go to Ráthwald and he will give you a quest to the entrance of Moria. Don't forget to complete this quest (watch the title, and take some stuff with you!). At the end you will get access to the Mines of Moria and also - important - a very good hat or helm. 

A very dangerous creature emerges from the Black Pool
Sometimes the best way to finish a quest is: run away for help!

14. Khazad-Dúm at Last!
Well after your adventure with the watcher, go back to Ráthwald, and he will give you your second legendary item. For me, a runekeeper, it will be a Rune-bag. You cannot slot this item, because you have to identify it first. If you want to identify it in Moria, you have to travel to Dolven view and this voyage can be it bit hazardous at level 45-46. Another option is to do quests in Eregion. First, go to Tulk and he will give you a quest to honor the fallen at the Black Pool. You have to go outside again, travel to Echad Dúnann, pick up some quests there and go to Mirobel. At that place you can identity your book or runebag, or whatsoever. After the identifying procedure, you can slot and level this second legendary item. If you are done with Eregion, or want to go inside Moria, you can go back to Tulk and start you quests in this megadungeon. Ór you can stay in Eregion and level to both legendarys (your sword and pocket item) to their max!
If you dont like Moria at all - some ppl dont like dungeons - you can level in Eregion, Forochel or Angmar until level 55-57. Or do some skirmishes to reach at least level 55. After that, you can enter moria and travel to the first hall, which has an exit to the Dimrill Dale. After leaving Moria, you will enter the western part of Lothlorien, where you can pick up lots of quests at Mekhem-bizru. Keep in mind that you have to return to Moria some day to complete the epic questline, otherwise you are missing traitpoints and all other extra's.


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