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Named beasts and animals in Lotro

Did you know there are a lot of animals and beasts who have their own name in Lotro's Middle Earth. You have probably encountered some in the game. Some of them will drop an award, and others are only a target destination for a quests. of course the reward droppers are the most interesting, since they can drop flakes and shards. These thingies are handy to create some rare stuff by crafting valuable gear, weapons or jewelry.

I decided to photograph them all in the future, since I met a beautiful black drake named Skybreaker in Angmar.

Skybreaker, a level 48 black drake in Angmar with 20382 Morale
Skybreaker: pop-up for info

Known locations of named beasts

North Downs

Beastname Location Area Morale Lvl Type Shard
Bleakwind 6.3S, 40.9W Nan Amlug East 8,434 33 Elite Master Drake Adamant 
Khurshat 11.9S, 43.4W Kingsfell 1,112 27 Elite Warg Ruby 


Beastname Location Area Morale Lvl Type Shard
Darkheart 28.3S, 28.1W Agamaur 7,393 31 Elite Master Tree Adamant 
Rot-Heart roams GarthAgarwen 11,613 32 Elite Bog-Prowler Adamant 
Blugasht 33.3S, 30.2W Ost Cryn 1,112 22 Sign Orc Ruby 


Beastname Location Area Morale Lvl Type Shard
Glimmertail 5.2S, 72.6W Northern Emyn Uial 2,154 37 Sign Fire-fly Adamant 
Gonflad 13.7S, 67.8W Tyl Ruinen 5,204 38 Elite Turtle Adamant 
Mangetail 21.5S, 66.6W Stonecrop Tor 1,479 31 Sign Wolf Adamant 
Rattleclaw 22.6S, 67.6W Barandalf 1,670 33 Sign Nerbyg Adamant 
Sagrurz 4.2S, 65.2W Tum Fuin 4,895 37 Elite Warg Adamant 


Beastname Location Area Morale Lvl Type Shard
Baushat 30.1S, 20.0W North Trollshaws 6,516 42 Elite Fire-Worm Beryl
Karnasht 35.1S, 13.8W Drauglad 2,132 37 Sign Wolf Adamant 


Beastname Location Area Morale Lvl Type Shard
Brishzel Haudh Iarchith Barrow Downs 15,330 43 Nemesis Barghest Beryl
Gwigon Haudh Iarchith Barrow Downs 2,896 42 Sign Spider Beryl
Marrow Haudh Iarchith Barrow Downs 3,244 44 Sign Kergrim Beryl

Misty Mountains

Beastname Location Area Morale Lvl Type Shard
Hoarktusk 29.8S, 1.9 E Giant Halls 19,321 47 Nemesis Mammoth Beryl
Kindle-maw roams Bruinen Source East 15,483 43 Elite Master Dragon Beryl
Rodlug 24.9S, 6.1 E Northern High Pass 10,080 50 Elite Worm Beryl
Sulmog 21.4S, 3.9 E Northern High Pass 4,076 48 Elite Warg Beryl
The Antlered King roams Northern High Pass 3,864 47 Sign Elk Beryl


Beastname Location Area Morale Lvl Type Shard
Iso-Torvi 2.3N, 60.4W Taur Orthon 3,276 44 Sign Moose Beryl
Kurja-rakki 11.1N, 71.2W Ita-ma 7,718 45 Elite Sabertooth Beryl
Paha-peto 7.9N, 79.8W Lansi-ma 8,609 47 Elite Snowbeast Beryl
Raivo-Kaihu 6.1N, 76.5W Lansi-ma 3,864 47 Sign Bear Beryl
Torahammas roams Lansi-Ma 50,076 52 Nemesis Mammoth Nothing

Ered Luin - Sarnur

Beastname Location Area Morale Lvl Type Shard
Brullug Sarnur Caverns Sarnur 45,248 50 Nemesis Drake Nothing
Icerender Sarnur Great Hall Sarnur 19,978 48 Elite Master Snowbeast Beryl
Northpaw Sarnur Great Hall Sarnur 4,036 48 Sign Highland-Cat Beryl


Beastname Location Area Morale Lvl Type Shard
Achathling 11.9N, 27.9W Himbar 10,080 50 Elite Spider Beryl
Bruigon roams Nan Gurth 52,641 53 Nemesis Dake Nothing
Chillgrip roams Fasach Larran 6,899 43 Elite Hill-Beast Beryl
Danghal 3.1N, 35.3W Torgailuin 3,066 43 Sign Warg Beryl
Dreadjaw 1.2S, 31.5W Western Malenhad 17,322 45 Elite Master Turtle Beryl
Gnashmaw 0.8N, 24.7W Gorothlad 8,609 47 Elite Worm Beryl


Beastname Location Area Morale Lvl Type Shard
Bregochel roams Tar Stazg 23,570 51 Nemesis Frostgrim Beryl
Thaneleg 53.3S, 14.0W Emyn Naer 11,156 52 Elite Worm Beryl


Beastname Location Area Morale Lvl Type Flake
Darkshear 11.8S, 111.2W Silvertine Lodes 5,212 53 Sign Grodbog Queen Mithril
Dourlight 18.6S, 117.0W Water Works 5,750 55 Sign Worm Mithril
Helegling 14.3S, 104.7W Redhorn Lodes 14,238 57 Elite Spider Mithril
Riptalon 4.5S, 102.2W Fanged Pit/DurinsWay 172,500 55 Elite Master Deep-Claw Mithril
Rocktooth 7.7S, 113.0W Dolvenview 10,607 51 Elite Deep-Claw Mithril
Ruinnaeg roams Water Works 6,034 56 Salamander Mithril
Swartgut roams Water Works 3,047 56 Normal Deep-Toad Mithril


Beastname Location Area Morale Lvl Type Flake
Belegbrog 9.3S, 63.9W Taur Hith 16,521 60 Elite Bear Mithril
Braigam 13.1S, 34.1W Gelirdor 17,109 61 Elite Lynx Mithril
Daeranc 17.7S, 70.2W Brochos 17,280 60 Elite Bear Nothing
Faegnar 9.0S, 64.1W Taur Hith 7,270 60 Forest Shrew Mithril
Gwollug 17.0S, 64.1W Egladil 16,358 60 Elite Lizard Mithril
Targlok 13.6S, 71.2W Eryn Laer 7,343 60 Sign Warg Mithril


Beastname Location Area Morale Lvl Type Flake
Redfang roams Minas Gil/Hrigg Vidikuni 18,680 63 Wolf Mithril

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