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How to become a jeweller

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what is a jeweller
where to enlist
levelling the first three tiers
- apprentice
- journeyman
- expert

levelling tier 4

After you have completed the first experience bar of the expert tier (360 exp points), there seems to be no further advancement. You have to go to an Novice Jeweller vendor at your crafting place. In Michel Delving this is, for example, Berylla Goodchild. She will give you a quest called 'Crafting: A Superior Workbench". By completing this quest you can advance further and also make use of a superior workbench. In the areas with levels 1-50 there is only one location with a superior workbench and that's inside the Crafting Hall of Esteldin. So, for this quest you have to travel to Esteldin and visit Master Deamdirdan, an Expert Jeweller who resides in the Crafting Hall.

To prove that you are worth to be an Artisan Jeweller, Master Demdirdan will ask you to craft 3 pieces of jewelry:

1. Craft a polished ruby (you need 1 Ruby for this)
2. Craft a gold ring        (you need 2 Gold Ingots, made from 4 Chunks of Gold Ore)
3. Craft a gold bracelet   (you need 2 Gold Ingots, made from 4 Chunks of Gold Ore)

If you don't have the raw materials, I advise you to mine some Gold and Iron ores around Esteldin. Come back when you have the necessary quantities (8 Chunks of Gold Ore and 1 unpolished Ruby. The Ruby is a red gem which can drop from an ore deposit or from slain humanoids)

Just open your crafting panel and you will find the proper recipes. Don't forget to check the bank in the Crafting Hall of Estildin, maybe you need some material from your vault to create all this stuff.

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