dinsdag 7 januari 2014

Huge Bag

I recently installed the plugin Huge Bag, and I have to say its brilliant!

The Huge Bag Plugin is Awesome!

Huge Bag will make one big bag from your 5 or 6 small bags, with the option to sort and merge the items in the bag. There is also a search option for all the items in your vault, even from all your alts. Interested how this plugin works? Just follow the notes below and have fun with it!

1. First download the plugin
You can download the Huge Bag plugin here
The downloaded document is a zipped document, and is called: called Hugebag v1.13.65.zip
If you want some information about the plugin and the maker, look here

2. Unpack the plugin
The plugin is zipped and with an unzip program you can unpack it in a folder which is called: Hugebag v1.13.65
Installing the plugin

3. Install the plugin
Go inside the folder (open the folder) Hugebag v1.13.65, you will find another folder called HabnaPlugins.
You have to drag this folder into a folder called
'Plugins' which is situated in your Lord of the Rings Online folder. Your Lord of the Rings Online folder is situated in the My Documents folder. Generally there is a shortcut on your desktop with this name. Normally, the My Documents folder is situated on the C disk of your computer.

If you don't have such a folder in the Lord of the Rings Online folder, create a new folder with the title Plugins (just click on you right Mouse button and select New -> Folder, and name it Plugins.

After you have put the HabnaPlugins Folder into the Plugins Folder, start the game.

Activate the plugin by following steps 1 to 3
4. Activate the Plugin when you start the game
As soon as you see the startup screen with one of your characters, stop!
  1. Select the 'Manage Plugins Button, and after this the Plugin Manager will open automatically.
  2. In the  the Plugin Manager select the HugeBag v.1.13.65 Plugin by clicking on it
  3. Than select one named or (preferably) All Characters in the drop-down screen (bottom right, see example above)
  4. After you have done the steps 1, 2 and 3, start the game

5.Configure your Huge Bag
When you start the game, you will see a transparent widget in the right bottom corner of your screen (see picture below). Click on it, and the huge bag will open!
The Huge bag widget
Personally, I am not very fond with the transparent widget, if you open it your Huge Bag will also be transparent, and it makes the sort and search buttons a bit difficult to read:
Opening the Huge bag in widget mode
To change the widget mode in the well known Lotro bag, move your Mouse pointer towards the upper left corner of the transparent Huge bag. A white mouse icon will appear, with a green right button on it (see picture below). This icon means: press the right mouse button on that place, and a configuration menu will appear.

Configure the Huge bag, by clicking the right mouse
button on the spot where the mouse icon appears

After you have clicked at the right place, there will be a menu (see picture below). For now, just select the option "Change between widget and window mode". After you have done this, the widget will disappear. Now, you can click on one of your bags and the Huge bag will open. Pressing the <I> key (inventory) will also open the huge bag.

The window mode of the Huge Bag is really brilliant! In the picture below you can see that in my Huge bag 0 spots are free, so the Huge bag its totally full! The maximum size of my bag is 90 spots, and i have used 90.

Huge Bag in Window Mode
Take also a look at the buttons, called Sort, Merge, Search, Bags, Vault and Shared Storage.
If these buttons overlap, just drag them into the right position.
By clicking Merge, separated items of the same sort will stack, which is very nice. By clicking Sort, the bag will be sorted. Sometimes you have to do this twice. By clicking the button Bag you can view the contents of each bag, of each character. Very handy. And .... by clicking on Vault or Shared Storage, you can see which items are in your vault, or your shared vault. By selecting all characters, you can even view all the vaults. This is really awesome, since you don't have to travel anymore to look into your vault, or loading several characters if you have forgotten which one has stored that so wanted recipe! Just try it out and wonder about this excellent plugin.