zaterdag 5 april 2014

Atlas of the Great River (LOTRO)

The Great River is the portal between Lothlorien and Rohan. It is a great region with many locations to explore. I created 4 maps for the Adventurer, and if you visit all the locations on the maps, you will receive a nice amount of Turbine Points.

Visit all the marked locations, and you will receive a nice reward of Turbine Points

Stangard is a big settlement and has a map of its own and there are many houses and persons to visit. Om the map below you will find all the 20 locations for the Stangard Explorer deed. Persons of interest are also marked, since some of them you you must visit if you follow the Great River Questline in Stangard.

Locations of persons and buildings in Stangard (Great River)

Scattered throughout the Limlight Gorge, you can find 6 Elf-ruins. Although they are not very difficult to locate - if you know where to look - it is wise to explore this part of the Great River very carefully. The Limlight Gorge is know for its gargantuan mobs, like giant walking trees, giant trolls and giant spiders. At level 95 its all easy, but beware when you are level 70! I will not provide the coordinates of the elf-ruins, only a detailed map. With this map only, it will be fun to find them since your search is not spoiled by the coordinates. Start your search near the Fallen Tower, since the ruin nearby is not heavily guarded by gargantuan trees. If you find your first elf-ruin, you will have a good idea where to look for!
Locations of all the six Elf-ruins in the Limlight Gorge