vrijdag 21 oktober 2016

Atlas of Evendim

Have you ever been in Evendim? No? Oh, you surely should go there! 
It is a beautiful region with wonderful landscapes, good weather, relaxing music, great monuments & ruins and a bunch of interesting quests. 
So, if you are level 25 to 30, just go to Evendim and level up to 38 or even 40! 

Evendim map
Traveling to Evendim
The easiest way to travel to Evendim, is by hiring a horse at a stable from Michel Delving in the Shire. Just choose destination Hobbiton. After arriving in Hobbiton, change horses at the stable and go to Brockenborings. The stable of Brockenborings is the last stop in The Shire; here you rent again a horse with destination Oatbarton, in Evendim.
If you arrive in Oatbarton at level 25, you can begin questing in the Northcotton Farm. This area is a maze like area of farms, hedges and fields, where you have to do many small farm chores. Yo will gain at least 3 levels, by looking for eggs, chickens, milking the cows, washing pigs, smoking tobacco, etc. etc.

It is also possible to reach Evendim from the North Downs, but at level 25-30 this is a dangerous route to explore. There is a stable route from Trestlebridge in the North Downs to Tinnundir in Evendim. Trestlebridge lies in the southeast of the North Downs, and you can reach it by traveling northwards from West-Breetown. Tinnundir is the ranger island in the center of Evendim. To open the route from the North Downs to Tinnundir, you have to travel westwards through the Fields of Fornost. This is a dangerous area with many undeads and fierce bargests dogs.
If you have opened the route to Tinnundir and Oatbarton, there are swift travels from Michel Delving to Tinnundir. There are also swift travels from West Breetown and Esteldin to Tinnundir, so there are many ways to ride to the center of Evendim.

Travelroute to Evendim: rent a horse in Michel Delving, and ride subsequently to the stables of Hobbiton, Brockenborings and Oatbarton
Starting Quests in Evendim (from level 25 onwards!)
Evendim is essential a level 30-40 area, but you can already start you quests at level 25! To do that, go to Ost Guruth in the Lone lands. Find a woman called Hana the Young, she resides near the tower in the central part of Ost Guruth. If you are the right level, and you have done some quests in the Lone Lands from level 18-20 onwards, you will get the quest "Oatmeal Problems" from Hana. At level 25, this quest is red (its a level 30 quest); don't be afraid of the high level quest because it is a very easy one. First you have to go to the Forsaken Inn, to speak with Anlaf. He is the bartender and will send you to Nod Gardener, who lives in Oatbarton. Just travel to Michel Delving and pick up the stable route to Oatbarton, as described above.

As soon as you arrive in Oatbarton, go to Nod Gardener, who is in the center of the small settlement. He will send you to Northcotton Farm, which is a big and maze-like farm complex uphill, just behind Oatbaron. You have to travel a road uphill, west of Oatbaron, and have to speak with the farmer Albin Northcotton. The Northcotton farm complex is described below.

The Northcotton Farm
The Northcotton Farm is a big farming complex within a maze of hedges. It is locates in de area of Bullroarer's Sward. Below you see a picture of the layout of the farm complex, with the main farmers and areas of the farm complex.

Layout of the Northcotton Farm complex, west of Oatbarton (Bullroarer's Sward)

As you can see, there are 7 farmers in the Complex (yellow dots), which will give you lots of chores to do. The first thing to do, is to visit Albin Northcotton at the Market Grounds. He will give you various quests, which you can pick up from farmers like Blossom Gamgee, Edulf Tunnely, Rosa Brockhouse and Gerard Deephole.

Immidately when you enter the farm complex of Northcotton, you will have the feeling that you have entered a maze of farms, fields and hedges. And yes, this farm complex is more or less a maze, but you will learn your way soon enough by visiting to the various farmers. Below you see a map of the available roads (orange-brown) and impassible hedges (green). Impassible rock outcroppings are light grey. Through the hedges there are gates, and try to memorize the locations of these passages. If you look at the map you see the hedgegates depicted with two small green bars in the openings of the hedges.
Outside the hedges there are also some farms and fields, but these are only accessible through an instance quest. This area will be discussed later.

The Northcotton Farm complex: persons, places, roads en hedges

Each farmer will give you various quests, which are actually farmer chores. They are easy to do, but sometimes the locations of the chores are hard to find in the maze-like complex of Northcotton. I have made a map for you where you can find all the quests objects of the farm chores. I will not describe the quests, since it will spoil all the fun at Northcotton! Feel free to use the map, but remember it is a spoiler!

Northcotton Farm, location of all the quest objects

After you have done al the Northcotton Farm chores, you have to help Nibs Chubb & Hal Gamgee with their troubles. Don't look for them in the Northcotton Farm complex, since they aren't there. You have to go back to Oatbarton and have to find Nibs at his farm, which is a little east of the village center. If you go a little southeast of the farm, you will see 4 hobbits staring at a Mysterious Relic. You can examine this relic which starts an interesting deed. Just see it for yourself.

The farm brothers have some quests for you concerning a mysterious curse in the meadow and disperse some nasty insects in the cornfields. Look out for a dead animal corpse in the meadow, which is the solution of one of the quests. If you have done all the quests you are directed to the peculiar cam of Dwaling, where most of the hobbit houses are conquered by thieves and outlaws. The hobbits at Dwaling give you a lot of interesting quests. Not only to disperse the thieves and outlaws, but also to investigate a dangerous goblin camp.
If you completed all the quests at Dwaling, you will be level 29 or 30.

Some quests will send you to the sands of Barandalf. Try to check your bag regularly, because some foes will drop a green weed (algae). That green weed will start a quest which direct you to a ranger camp underneath a gigantic statue, at the crossing of Lake Evendim and the Brandywine River. These series of Evendim quests can be obtained already at level 28 or 29. Just visit High Kings Crossing. You can find the statue on the map also, so it must be no problem to find the ranger camp.