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The Jewellers Guild

The Jeweller's Guild is a special Crafting Guild for Jewellers. As soon as you enlist as a member, you are enable to buy special recipes. These are for crafing special wood products, like bows and other weapons made of wood. The most experienced Jewellers can even craft second and first Age Weapons, which make him or her a very powerful crafter indeed. Membership of a crafting guild is exclusive. This means that you can only be a member of 1 crafting guild. As soon as you choose another, you loose all the benefits and all the reputation points of the Guild you once belonged.

Enlist as Guild Member
You can only enlist the Jewellers Guild after you reached at least the Expert tier in your jewellers profession. So, as a Jeweller, you have to reach Tier 3 by crafting all kinds jewelry, polishing gems or craft other things like hope tokens or Lore-master stuff. As soon as you reach the Expert level  [at that tier you can craft golden jewelry and polish rubies and sapphires] you can enlist The Jewellers Guild.

To join the Jeweller's Guild you have to go to the craft hall in Esteldin
To enlist, find the Master of Crafting Guilds. Such a Master can be found in crafting halls or at crafting site. For the Jeweller's Guild you can go to the craft hall in Esteldin (North downs) and look for Master Caredgam. He is the Master of Crafting Guilds and you can find him loitering near a fireplace. Click on him and choose the Jeweller's Guild. He will ask you to join, and if you do that you are a guild member. Piece of cake!

Ask Master Caredgam to join the Jeweller's Guild.
He stands beside the fireplace, polishing his fingernails...

After you have joined, don't forget to pick up your Jeweller's Guild quest from Master Caredgam!

Jeweller's Guild House
The Jeweller's Guild House is located in Esteldin, inside the crafting Hall. If you enter the hall, just turn left and go to the left upper corner. There, you will see ad door to the Jeweller's Hall, next to the workbenches of Master Daemirdan, an Expert Jeweller.
After joining visit the Jeweller's Guild inside the crafting hall of Esteldin
Inside the Jeweller's hall, you will find 5 persons:
  • Mistress Mirchiril:who is selling Jeweller's Guild Symbol Recipes (Tier 3-8 recipes)
  • Porto Hornblower: who is selling Improved Jeweller's Guild Recipes (Tier 3-8 recipes)
  • Arly Underhill: who is selling Jeweller's Guild Legendary Recipes (to make legendary third, second and  first age weapons)
  • Hogni Greenstone: the Jeweller's Guild Symbol trader (bartering Items)
  • Master Aldulf: the Jeweller's Guild Leader (bartering Items)
First, buy two recipes from Mistress Mirchiril.
These are the Medium Expert Symbol Recipe and the Small Expert Symbol recipe.

Then go to Aldulf an follow the Jeweller's Guild questline.

Inside the Guild you can buy or acquire very good Jeweller's recipes

Working you way up in the Guild, from Initiate to Grand Master
You start as a Guild Initiate, and you have to work your way up by gathering experience until you are one of the Grand Masters of the Guild. In the Table below, you can see how many experience points you need to level up until Grand Master. 

But beware! To level up you don't need normal XP by slaying monsters, doing quests, crafting jewelry or polishing gems. For the Jeweller's Guild XP you need Reputation Points.
You can earn these RP-points by crafting special Jeweller's Symbols.  At start you can craft 2 symbols, just look in your crafting menu under the Expert Skills: Medium & Small Expert Symbol.

These Symbols can only be made after you have enlisted the Guild and after you have bought and learned the symbol recipes. You can buy them from Hogni Greenstone in the
Jeweller's  Guild.

Try to make a Small Expert Symbol, which will give you 400 reputation (Jeweller's Guild faction) points. You need 2 gold Ingots to make such a symbol. After that, you have to wait  18 hours to make another one.

Try also to make a Medium Expert Symbol, which will give you 1200 reputation (Jeweller's Guild faction) points. You need 4 gold Ingots and 1 Polished Ruby to make such a symbol. After that, you have to wait 2 days and 18 hours to make another one.

As you can see, you need a lot of gold to get some Guild faction points and to level up towards Apprentice of the Guild. In total there are 7 titles to gain, starting with Guild Initiate and ending with Grandmaster of the Guild (see table below).

Reputation Level
Points Needed
Total Rep Points Needed
Guild Initiate
Apprentice of the Guild
Journeyman of the Guild
Expert of the Guild
Artisan of the Guild
Master of the Guild
Grand Master of the Guild

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