woensdag 28 november 2012

Resistance is futile

The Borg Cube in the Shire

Today something curious happened. On my voyages in the Shire I discovered a strange green landscape. Although the Shire should be green, this particular spot was a mesmerising shade of green.

 I decided to investigate the spot more thoroughly. It was a very curious place. No birds singing, no animals wandering around. Even no brown bears or goblins, creatures you find a lot in this particular spot.

 The investigation took some hours and before I knew it, the sky was dark.

Thousands of stars twinkled in the sky. I started to daydream a bit. A vast place, the sky and the heavens. Who will live near these stars I wondered. Then I did a shocking discovery....

Near the root of a curious green valley I found a strange square hill. At first a couldn't believe my eyes. After some moments I decided to investigate this weird green enigma.

When a came to the foot of this strange hill, it was square indeed. Something was nagging my memory. A big square... Maybe a....

No that can't be possible in Middele Earth... A cube???

The Cube - awesome

Well it definitely was a cube. A huge one! When I came near, something terrible happened. I got nauseous and dizzy. Immediately I was forced to my knees. The world changed to a dull grey.

After some moments I heard a strange voice in my head:

"We are the Borg...."

"We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own...."

"Resistance is futile....."

NOOoooo!!! That cannot be true! Or ... can it?

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