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The Forlorn Hobbitvillage in Breetown

Although not very big, Breetown is the biggest settlement in Lotro's Middle Earth. And you can be there at a very low level. Breetown is perfectly safe, you can't get molested by bears, wolves or other nasty creatures.

Hobbits in Breetown

As you enter the town from the westside, at the road to the Shire, you probably have noticed some hobbit houses within the city. You find them on a hill between the westgate and the northgate. I was always very curious about hobbits living in Breetown, so today i decided to pay them a visit.

The excursion of today goes to the grassy field and the remote hobbit houses marked with the red arrows, 

Unfortunately the houses of the most secluded hobbits who live in Bree, are hard to visit. If you have a standard horse you may try a house. Jump on a house and try to enter the grassy plateau with some nice and cosy hobbit houses. But I have a problem. I can't jump very well with my horse. At least not on houses. I tried it a lot, but I didn't get on the roof. But, honestly, I have seen people doing this and they succeeded.

I am just a horsegirl who loves racing with a horse. Some are very fast and can jump high and long distances. These kind of horses are prefectly for visiting the hobbit houses in Bree. And behold, you can climb a certain rocky wall with a fast horse. But, you must be at least lvl 75 to learn it. Lower levels have to use the repetitive roofjumping method, which I hate to do.

The remote hobbit houses in Breetown seemed to be occupied, since there is a well used tiny path going from house to house. Curiously, the houses are nearly inaccessable, so these hobbits surely don't want to be seen, or visited. But if you try hard, you will find them, eventually.

These hobbit houses, with their typical grassy roofs, have a great view. In fact, from this spot you may see one of the most stunning views of Breetown.

The hobbits who are living in the upper houses in Bree, are the most lucky ones in Breetown. Watch the view, how spectacular!

The houses were build upon a big and flat grassy plateau. Here the eastern site, whre you can see the village square and the famous fountain.

Despite there was light in the windows, i couldn't find any hobbit to talk to. The doors were closed and the inhabitants seem te be very shy.

The Combe Gate from above. Isn't it a beauty?

A lovely view of Combe

This must by Ellie Cutleaf's house, isn't it?

Or this? Well its for you to find out. Anyway, its late and time to go. I feel hungry and wanna eat something. In the Prancing Pony of course.

I recently returned to the secluded hobbithouses, high above Bree. To pay them a visit and drink a cup of tea. To my utter astonishment they were gone. There was simply no sign of any hobbithouse high on the hill. Like they never where here, on the spot I visited. Curiously there was one old elven-ruin now on the place where the hobbit-houses once stood. Maybe the Bree-town folk have rebuild something on all these vacant spots. Without the hobbit houses it is a boring place now. The only thing I can say about it, is that the place can be easily reached these days. But the hobbits are gone, and with them the small wonder in Bree-town. Maybe they where afraid about all these new visitors peeking through their windows.

6 February 2013 - The hobbit-houses uphill are all gone, replaces by a kitsch elven ruin.

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