vrijdag 18 januari 2013

The Hidden World behind Ost Guruth

You have probably been in Agamaur, east of the ruins of Ost Guruth, in the Lone-lands. It is a very weird ruin with red water and a strange red hue in the air. There are some dangerous walking trees and some nasty hidden 'turnips' on long legs. Low level characters can enter these areas too, but you have to be very careful.On the other hand, there is a trick to see it vere safely, from the northern mountain ridge which is the border of Agamaur. If you want to see it from above, climb some mountains west of Ost Guruth.

The hills near Nain Enidh are arid and almost without vegetation

The mountains north of Ost Guruth

Brown lands, with on the horizon the red swamp of Haragmar
Nearost, a halforc infested ruin
The mountainridge of Nain Enidh and Ost Guruth is easy accessible, even for level 20 players. Of course you need a horse to jump, but thats always the trick to enter these off road areas. The trick is to find some hidden place, and after some jumping experiences, you will emerge - like by magic - on the brown hills. Its near a place with trees, and just try to jump trough a wall or some columns. To find these spots, watch out for small open areas ('slits') between the walls or pillars. With a war-steed you have to learn to 'feel' such spots. If you experience some 'rubberbanding' - like you are stretched back and forth on an elastic string - there is a chance that you find some magic pass between two normally inaccessible areas.

To the west, heading for Weathertop

Weathertop, as seen from the northern mountain area
The mountain ridge can be travelled a long way, either westwards of eastwards. But ... be cautious. The west part leads to uncharted - unfixed - territory and if you dont read the warnings, you will be teleported to a starter area in Bree-land. I for example, reappeared in Archet. But, if you know the trick, you can enjoy the barren mountain area north of Ost Guruth.

South of Agamaur, there is a red swamp called Haragmar

Agamaur, an evil place, drenched in blood

At a short distance, a foul red smog will emerge

The tower and ruins of Agamaur, seen from high above

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  1. Very nice description of Ost. It's easy to visit it all when you're lvl 45 but I think it's more exciting to do these trips when you're looking down at mobs that are red or purple to you :)

  2. Hi Milgaviel/Estel
    The beauty of these kind of places is still the excitement of the explorer. So, even a level 95 player can enjoy these low level places - again. That's why I started all these wonderful places in Lotro. If you accidentally got the flying bug (see my blog about flying), these places are very easy to visit. Only time is the restriction for these wonderful voyages!

    Happy gaming in Lotro! Elannah