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Hides - and where to farm them

Hides - The best farming places in Lotro

In this simple guide I will show you where to farm the following hides:

Tier 1 - Light hides
Tier 2 - Medium hides
Tier 3 - Sturdy hides
Tier 4 - Pristine hides
Tier 5 - Exceptional hides
Tier 6 - Magnificent hides (
previously: extraordinary hides)
Tier 7 - Calenard Hides (previously: large hides)
Tier 8 - Riddermark hides

Tier 9 - Eorlingas hides

The table below lists the regions where specific hide droppers can be found.

Hide type
Levels that

drop them

(middle), Ered Luin (south), The Shire
Bree-land, Ered Luin, Lone-lands, North Downs & The Shire
Evendim, Lone-lands, North Downs & Trollshaws
Angmar (west), Evendim, Misty Mountains (west), North Downs (east) & Trollshaws
Angmar, Eregion, Forochel, Sarnúr (Ered Luin) & Misty Mountains
Angmar, Eregion, Moria, Lothlórien, Mirkwood, Enedwaith,
Dunland, Gap of Rohan, Great River Isengard, Nan Curunir
East Rohan, West Rohan
West Rohan, Fangorn, Western Gondor, Central Gondor

Tier 1 - Where to Farm Light Hides

Light hides drop from animals of level 1-12, preferably wolves, boars or bears. Light hide dropping animals can be found in the starter areas of Bree-land, Ered Luin and The Shire. lf you need lots of light hides in a short time, you can travel to the following areas:

Light hides in the Shire [best place!]: go to the Wolf Den in the ruins north of Stock, directly north of the river. These ruins are near Puddifoot's Fields (30.9S,64W) and Bridgefields Wall (30.6S,64.2W). If you loot all the wolves completely, they will respawn pretty quick and your bags will be in no time full with light hides. Two alternative locations in the Shire are: 
(1) the wolf den near Dora Brownlock's Farm, north of Waymeet at 31.3S 72.7. Just help that poor woman to clear out all of these snarling wolves and their roaming leader. Its the safest place in hobbitland if you are low leveled (level 5-8).
(2) The Bindbole Wood, at the foot of the old Ruin (26.4S 70.1W) is also a nice spot, but a bit more dangerous than the other 2 places. This remote spot is located in the upper north of the Shire. There are many brown foraging wood-bears here. Low levels: watch out for the nasty (signature) Big Black-bear here!
Light hides in Bree-land: visit the Yellow Tree (32.7S 48.0W) in Chetwood South (Bree-land). There are plenty brown bears and bristlehide boars around this spot who drop light hides. 
Another good place for light hides is the Wolf Den, at the border of Chetwood North (28.0S, 46.3 W). Hunt some wolves around this spot and in the adjacent forest. Don't forget to loot the corpse in the Wolf Den, for the low level adventurer it may contain an unexpected bounty!
If you like some nice scenery, just travel to the old ruin west of the Big Staddlemere. Its called The Crumbled Court (30.4S 48.9W) and you can find many brown-bears here to hunt. There is also some old rangers Dunedain-stone here, which opens an interesting questline.

Light hides in Ered Luin: this region is not very well known for farming light hides, but it has actually 2 good spots. If you prefer a dwarven setting, then travel to the Hunter's Notch (18.7S 100.6W) in north Ered Luin. Its located north of Noglond, just follow the snowy path behind Noglond: go uphill and after some time you reach the Hunter's Notch. Its a snowy valley, with some young vale-bears to hunt. Please don't kill the thickjaws cubs and their mother here, they are so cute!
Hunting wolves for light hides in Nen Hilith
If you prefer an elven setting, go to Nen Hilith (29.3S 95.2W), west of ('behind') Celondim. Its a famous starter area, so expect some competition of other elves who are doing quests here. If you have never been to the elven country, just go inside Celondim and travel southwards, out of Celondim. As soon as you pass a gate in the wall, with 3 lamps overhead (you will see also a crumbled tower), turn right. Follow the cobblestone path uphill, and turn left as soon as you pass an ornamented gilded gate with two standing lamps. Soon the cobblestones are replaced by a grey dirt path and follow this path uphill until you reach the small elf camp at Nen Hilith. Just follow the path a bit further westwards, until it ends at a small lake with lots of grey wolves. You have arrived at the spot! If you prefer, you can pick up some quests from Ovorlas in the small elf camp, and combine your hide hunting with some nice starter quests.

Spots for farming Light Hides in The Shire
Spots for farming Light Hides in Ered Luin
Good spots for farming Light and Medium Hides in Bree-land

Tier 2 - Where to Farm Medium Hides

Medium hides drop from beasts level 13 to 23, in Bree-land, The Shire, Lone-lands and North Downs.

Medium hides in Breeland  updated
Finding medium hides in Bree-land is quite simple. Just go to the West Gate of Bree, pass it and you are directly in a medium hide farming territory. But, in Bree-land - which is one of the biggest zones in Lotro - there are many places as good as this area.

The easiest and safest area - for a low level adventurer - to hunt for medium hides is the road area between Adso's Camp (29.3S 56.8W) and the Brandywine Bridge (located at 31.4S 63.0W). There are many level 14-15 bears, boars and wolves adjacent to the road here.  Another well known road area is the road from Bree towards the Northern Bree-Fields. 
A very interesting place along that road is the boar pit adjacent to the Old Bree Graveyard. Southeast of Thornley's Work Site (26.6S 53.5) there is a road-sign to the graveyard and when you follow it, you will pass a downhill dirt road to the boar pit [excellent place] . There are many level 14-17 splintertusks in the pit and its one of the best hunting places for medium hides in the game. I don't give the coordinates of the boar pit, since its fun to find it yourself!

Hunting medium hides in the boar pit near the Old Bree Graveyar
If you don't like boars (they smell awfully!), the area between Thornley's Farm (25.2S 53.8W) and the Old Greenway Fort (24.0S 53.1W) is also a very good hunting place for medium hides. A well known spot in that area is the Wolf Den at the foot of Northern-Breefields, with lvl 18-19 wolves. It's known as Snarling Hollow and located at 24.1S and 54.8W.

Two remote and dangerous places to farm medium hides are the yellowfang wolves area  in the northern Weather Hills and Withywindle Crossing in the Old Forest and. 
Hunting Agitated Barkshredders in foggy Wythiwindle Crossing
The northern Weather Hills are located northeast of the Midgewater Marsh, and are partly located in the Lone-lands. At 28.7S, 41.7W there are many howling and lurking yellowfangs, who drop plenty of medium hides. This place is also known as the Wolf den near the Weatherway in the Weather Hills. For more details on this area, read also the text for the Lone-lands.

For Withywindle Crossing, just go to the Old Forest and start at Tom Bombadil's house. At the small stone circle (respawn) go downhill and follow the dirt road to the small stream, which is the origin of the Withywindle. Turn right and follow the Withywindle westwards - passing lots of weeping willows and also Old Man Willow - until it finally ends in a big shallow swamp. That foggy swamp is Withywindle Crossing and there are many level 18 bears here (agitated barkshredders) that drop medium hides. Although one of the toughest areas to hunt for medium hides, Withywindle Crossing is an impressive place with a nice eerie touch!
The Agitated Barkshredder bears can drop an undamaged black bear corpse as a nice surprise. Just take the corpse to Clar Whitethorn, the Bree Taxidermist (30.3S 52.4W). He will make an excellent black stuffed bear for you. Awesome, that drop will make a huge and impressive sight in your house or kinhouse!

Enjoying my big black stuffed bear from Withywindle Crossing
My personal favorite is the eastern part of the Brandy Hills  [excellent area] and the adjacent bear den in the Hillshire Ruins. Just travel from Bree to Buckland and roughly halfway along the northern border of the Old Forest, go northwards and enter the Brandy Hills. The hills (around 27.8S 61.0W) are relatively safe at the appropriate level (16+), its quiet and there are lots of bears and swines which can provide medium hides for you. The Hillshire Ruins are full of Curious bears of level 16-18 and is located at 27.8S 58.7W.
Medium hides in the Shire
In the northern part of the shire, at the Greenfields, there are some lvl 13 black-bears who drop medium hides. They are quite rare, so if you need a lot of medium hides its better to visit the hunting places in Bree-land (see above).

Medium hides in Ered Luin
I didn't find any lvl 13 bears to hunt, so if there are any medium hide droppers in Ered Luin, they are rare. Just go to Bree-land if you need medium hides.

Medium hides in the Lone-lands
Medium hide dropping wolves and boars can be found north and south of the road in Annunlos, west of Weathertop. The wargs in Minas Eriol are also interesting, although be alert for hiding yellowfangs which can kill you quickly if you are of lower level then the wargs. There is also a named elite warg her, Asht, which will drop a Ruby Shard. Asht stands at the base of a round tower (34.9S, 38.9W), some steps away from the archway into the spider section of the ruins.

The best hunting place for medium hides in the Lone-lands is definitely the northern part of the Weatherhills [excellent place] , roughly between the ruin of Gondrinn in the Lone-lands (28.9S 39.2W) and the Weatherway ruins in Bree-land (29.4S 42.0W). You can start at Gondrin in the Lonelands and following the dirtroad westwards along the river. After some time the dirtroad goes uphill and at the top (28.9S 40.2W) a pack of  5 howling yellowfangs are awaiting you (lvl 22). As soon as you enter Bree-land, atop of the green hill, more lvl 22 yellow-fangs can be found (28.8W 40.8W). Directlly west of the Weatherway Bridge, there is a wolf pit - located at 28.7S and 41.6W - with many more level 22 yellowfangs to hunt. 

Entering the Yellowfang area in the Weatherhills

Medium hides in the North Downs
In the starter area of the north Downs, directly north of the fantastic wooden bridge to Thestlebridge, you can hunt some medium hide dropping boars and wolves.
Another excellent spot, but far more dangerous for a low level adventurers, is Annúndir (7.8S, 49.0W), where you can find lots of lvl 21-23 animals - like wolves, wargs and bears - which will drop medium hides. But beware, for level 20 adventurers this area is far more dangerous than Bree-land and the western Lone-lands. If you need large quantities of medium hides, its better to hunt in Bree-land or in the Lone-lands (see the text above the picture).

Tier 3 - Where to Farm Sturdy Hides
Sturdy hides drop from beasts level 24 to 34, in the Lone-lands, North Downs, Evendim and Trollshaws. You'll definitely get some sturdy hides leveling through these areas. But if you need a lot of sturdy in a short time, go to the North Downs or the Trollshaws.

Sturdy hides in the North Downs [best place!] 
For a start, try the scattered barghest in the western part of the Fields of Fornost, west of the road to the ruins of Fornost. Higher densities of 5-8 barghests (lvel 25-27) can be found around most of the grave mounds and you can easily get them with little effort. The grave mounds are located between 11.2S 56.7W and 10.6S 57.1W and between 10.2S 57.8W and  10.7S 58.4W. Note that the level 22-23 bears in the Fornost area will drop only medium hides.

Hunting bargests around grave mounds in the western Fields of Fornost
If you need larger quantities in a short time, go to the wargs and bears in Annundir (level 24-25 ), west of the river. Start near the wooden bridge in the south (10.1S 47.9W) and work your way up - northwards - to Haud Eglan (7.7S 49.5W). The hill of Haudh Eglan (7.7S, 49.5W) is a nice spot to farm sturdy hides. You can find 8-10 wargs here of level 23-24 and with 412-449 Morale. If you walk in a wide circle around  this spot you will encounter more level 22-24 wargs, and also several bears. Hunting wargs in this area is interesting for hunters (+2 determination), since it will also help you to complete the warg slayer deed in the North-downs rather quickly. Note that only the level 24 wargs, wolves and bears will drop sturdy hides. The level 22-23 animals will only drop medium hides.

Hunting Wargs around Haud Eglan
Looking for level 24 wargs and bears in Annundir
Throughout the Northern Kingsfell there are many opportunities to hunt for sturdy hides. This area is situated north of the road to Esteldin and east of Annundir (cross the wooden bridge at Ost Lagoros and go north) and is well known for scattered bears and lynxes (level 28-30, 597-685 Morale). Try also the lynx dens around Othrikar, you can find them at 6.2S 44.1W, at 6.5S 45.8W, at 7.8S 45.3W and at 7.8S 45.4W.
Lynx dens around Othrikar
If you are of equal level, try the warg places in Nam Amlug East. There are 2 spots to farm them. One is around the Warg den with the Auroch skull, located at 7.3S 38.3W, where you can find around 8 wargs. When you are finished, travel to the mountain ridge. There are 8-10 wargs around a carcass near 6.6S 38.5W. 

The Warg den in Nan Amlug East
Aurochs around the pools in Nan Amlug
At a higher level I can advise you to hunt for aurochs in Nan Amlug East. At 7.7S, 39.7W you see 2 small pools with many lvl 32-33 elite Hoar-mantles (1580-1687 morale). The shaggy cows and the Strong hoar-Mantle bull tend to drop 3 sturdy hides; the juveniles will give only 1 or 2. The roving hoar-Mantles will sometimes give also 2 hides. Best to circle around both lakes or in the vicinity (especially at 7.3S 40.7W) and clean the area constantly.

If you like, there are also the scattered wargs in Dol Dinen, south of Rhunenlad. However,  this is a dangerous place because of the many orcs and goblins that roam the area.

Sturdy hides in the Lone-lands
Some scattered sturdy hides dropping wargs can be found along the road from Ost Guruth towards the Last Bridge. A slightly higher density of animals (boars) is located just before the last bridge, along both sides of the road.

Sturdy hides in Trollshaws
Go to the ruins of Ost Durgonn. You can find them after you passed The Last Bridge, north of the road ('go left' if you are heading to the Bruinen Ford). There are lots of cave claws here that drop sturdy hides.

Tier 4 - Where to Farm Pristine Hides
Pristine hides drop from beasts level 35 to 43, in Evendim, Trollshaws, Misty Mountains and Angmar. 

Pristine hides in Trollshaws
Wolf den in Drauglad (35.0S, 13,9W), near the Bruinen Gorges, has a great density of level 35-37 wolves. You can reach it by travelling to Thorenhad (31.7S, 15.0W) and then go south. It is also a place to grind the Trollshaws Wolf-slayer deed (+1 Discipline), so you may have some company there. A wolf named Karnasht may occasionally be found wandering between the regular wolves. He spawns in stealth within the wolf den, but also wanders out of it.

Karnasht will drop an adamant shard and also a tropyh: Karnasht's Tooth.

An other good place is the Bear den, directly south of Thorenhead in Trollshaws. After killing all the bears, go east of the road and kill bears at that spot. Wolves and deers also drop pristine hides. When finished, return to bear den south of Thorenhead and start all over again.

Pristine hides in Misty Mountains [good place]
Caldwell Pool (22.6S, 1.2E), has a great density of level 41 (mountain) wargs (2044 Morale). It's also a good place to complete the Misty Mountains Warg-slayer deed (+1 Justice). If you need this deed, try this spot.  When you are of higher level, you can also hunt in the snowy area, west of Caldwell Pool, between the goblin camps (Bruinen Source East, around 21.8S 0.8E). Just follow the paths between the goblin camps and you will encounter plenty of scattered mountain wargs (lvl 41) and snow-mantles (lvl 41 signature aurochs, 4129 Morale). The hoar-mantles will drop 1-2 hides per kill, sometimes they drop even 3 hides.  Higher levels can also go to the Hoar-mantle area just above Glóin's Camp (24.9S, 4.0W). These shaggy cows will drop 2 hides per kill. The only problem at this place, is that you have to wait for respawn after you have killed all the hide droppers. If you are in an awful hurry, may be it is better to travel to Nan Orngon in Evendim (see below).

Pristine hides in Evendim [best place!]
Nan Orngon (7.7S, 61.8W), has a great density of level 36-37 bears and you can reach it by travelling to Ost Forod (7.4S, 64.3W) and then go east, downhill. This seems to be the best place to gather Pristine Hides. In 20 minutes you can collect more than 100 hides and you never need to wait for respawn. For inspired hunters: a named black bear, Grizzule, may occasionally be found wandering the slopes near Nan Orngon, around the top of the spire (between 8.4S, 61.7W and 7.5S, 61.6W). He will drop an adamant shard.

Pristine hides in Angmar
Cave claws in Ram Duath will drop pristine hides, southeast of Aughair.


Tier 5 - Where to Farm Exceptional Hides
Exceptional hides drop from beasts level 44 to 50, in Angmar, Forochel, Misty Mountains and Sarnur. The suggested areas below are for the low end of the level range, which means faster kills and quicker farming.

Exceptional hides in Angmar [best place!] 
Dolroth in southeastern Maethad, a place east of Gabilshathûr (in the most southeast corner of the eastern Angmar, 1.4S, 21.4W) has a good density of level 46-47 cave-claws and wargs. Unless you are doing the Angmar Warg-slayer deed (+1 Determination), focus on the cave-claws around (1.4N, 24.2W) where the density of hide dropping beasts is greater. To reach it: travel to Gabilshathur (3.6S, 26.4W), head for the orc camp in the east, pass it and wind your way to the far eastern edge of the map. 
Turtles in Malenhad drop also Exceptional hides, plus you get the bonus Lethal Sharp claws.

Exceptional hides in Eregion
The Burnt Tor (49.1S, 10.1W), has a great density of level 50-51 wargs. The level 50 wargs drop exceptional hides and the level 51 wargs drop magnificent hides.

Exceptional hides in Forochel 
Southwest of Voi-teltta, in Itä-Mâ around 9.0 N 72.0 W, there are a bunch of snowmantle cows and they drop 2 exceptional hides. They have a fast respawn rate so you can stay as long as you like. 
There are also two good spots near Pynti-leiri (9.2N, 70.6W), which is close to the stable of Pynti-peldot (11.4N, 69.8W) and down the road at  Kissa-Sari (5.6N, 78.5W). Both regions have a great density of level 45-46 Sabertooth cats. If you like to meet a rare elite snowbeast, search at Pynti-peldot around 10.2N, 80.6W or at Kissa-Sari near 5.2N, 77.1W. Here you can find Paha-Peto, an elite snowbeast which will drop a beryl shard after you have vanquished him. Both locations are also useful to complete the Forochel Sabertooth Slayer deed (+1 Fortitude).

Exceptional hides in the Misty Mountains
The North High Pass (23.3S, 4.3E) area in Misty Mountains has a good density of level 43 wargs (2285 morale), especially in the NE corner. There is a stable at Hrimbarg (24.3S 6.9E), so you can reach this excellent place pretty quickly. Moreover, the wargs in the Misty Mountains are also handy for the Warg-slayer deed (+1 Justice). Keep an eye out for Sulmog ( a lvl 48 sig Warg) and The Antlered King (a lvl 47 sig Elk), these beryl shard droppers can appear if heavy snow suddenly comes up. 

Tier 6 - Where to Farm Magnificent Hides

Magnificent hides drop from beasts level 51 to 54 in Eregion and Moria and from level 55 to 65+ beasts in Moria, Lothlorien and Mirkwood. There are some good places to farm magnificent hides, like the library in Katub-zahar (Moria: Great Delving, eastside), Burnt Tor (Eregion)

Magnificent hides in Moria
Katub-zahar (7.0S, 111.0W) in the Great Delving, also known as the library, is the best spot for harvesting magnificent hides. Hunt the level 51-52 deep-claws here, you can do it upstairs and downstairs. It is just north of the stable in Dolven-view (8.5S, 112.2W). 
Bonuses: Rocktooth is a named deep-claw, which sometime near Dolven-view; het can be found at 8.5S, 113.0W, but is also reported from other places in The Great Delving (around 7.3S, 110.9W and around 8.0S, 113.4W. If you manage to kill him, he will drop a mithril flake. Killing deep-claws will also help you to complete the Moria Deep-claw Slayer deed (+1 Tolerance).

The southeast corner of Silvertine Lodes, informally known as the "riddle room" (12.6S, 111.1 W), has a good density of level 53-54 dragonets and deep-claws. You can reach it quickly by travelling to the stable in the Rotting Cellar (15.1S, 112.1 W) in the adjacent zone The Waterworks. Killing dragonets also will help you to complete the Moria Dragonet-slayer deed (+1 Zeal).

The Second Hall (8.6S, 103.2W) in Nud Melek has a good concentration of level 57-58 cave claws and dragonets (with some orcs and goblins mixed in). You have to travel a bit to reach it, since it is somewhat remote from the 21st Hall.  

I recently discovered that the dragonets in Zirakzigil also drop magnificent hides. Maybe an alternative spot, especially when you combine it with the dragonet-slayer deed to earn +1 Zeal.

Magnificent hides in Eregion
The Burnt Tor (49.1S, 10.1W), has a great density of level 50-51 wargs. Only the level 51 wargs drop magnificent hides --> The level 50 wargs will drop exceptional hides. You can reach it by traveling to the nearby stable in Echad Dunann (50.5S, 7.8W). 
A second group of wargs can be found in Torech Andraug (50.7S, 9.6W) and even more wargs can be found somewhat south of the river bed. Killing wargs also helps you to complete the Eregion Wolf and Warg-slayer deed (+1 Confidence). 

Just north of Burnt Tor, there are Redhorn Goats which will drop on most occasions two magnificent hides each. Tál Caradhras is an alternative place for magnificent hide-farming: just hunt some random wildlife there.

Magnificent hides in Lothlorien [good place in open country] 
The best place to farm magnificent hides is the Golden Wood area. It is packed with level 58-60 beasts and you can reach it by quick travel to Caras Galadhon. That's the elven city in the center of the Golden Wood. An alternative route - if you have never been in this zone - is to use the travel route to the 1st Hall in Moria. If you reach that stable, walk to the exit and you are in the far western area of Lothlorien. After you leave the Mines of Moria, you have to travel to the Golden Wood. Just hit 'M' on the keyboard and you will see on the map the location of the Golden Wood with yellow Mallorn trees immediately. 
After you have passed the river Nimrodel, you have plenty of beasts to farm. Just don't kill the protected beasts, otherwise you lose Galadhrim reputation points! There are some rare beasts wandering in this area too, which drop mithril flakes . 

Magnificent hides in Mirkwood
In the Mirkeaves area, Fallug (16.7S, 61.8W) has a great density of level 61 boars. The surrounding area has a good density of level 61 wargs if you run short of spawns. You can reach it quickly by traveling to the stable of Echad Sirion (15.3S, 61.2W). 
If you want to do the daily repeatables in Mirkwood, its best to do the killing wargs quest in Naur-hoit (19.1S, 47.9W).  While you farm hides here (level 65 wargs), you can also complete the warg-hunting quest from Mithechad (17.6S, 48.2W) . 

Magnificent hides in Enedwaith [SUPERB place in open country]
In the Enedwaith area, Windfells, there is a dark and haunting spot - like a black hole - at 61.5S, 14.5W). If you look carefully you see between the brown goats some black goats, with long horns. These are level 62 Druggavar (6700 morale). If you kill them, they will drop 1 magnificent hide. Kill them all in a short time and look carefully what the black hole is releasing....
This is defenitely the best spot for Magnificent hides in the game, although you need level 72+ to farm those Druggavar quickly.

A black hole in Enedwaith is sprouting dark goats - Druggavar - in zillions

Tier 7 - Where to Farm Calenard hides

Known good places are:
Calenard hides in Dunland
Trum Dreng area, which is located in the upper north-west corner of Dunland, directly south of the Mournshaws. This place has plenty of lvl 66 River-dwelling oxes (neutral, will drop 1 hide), lots of boars (lvl 66 Wild Thorn-tuskers, will threaten and drop 1 hide) and lvl 66 Trum Dreng Pack-wolves (near Dire Hollow, 76.8S 23.1W, which will always attack, drop 1 hide). There is a relatively low concentration of hostile humans (lvl 66) from the Dragon Clan here.

Just west of Galtrev, between the Blood Tusks Den and the Dragon Claw Settlement, there is also a great place to collect Calenard hides.
Starkmoor: the plains of the Starkmoor, which are located in the west central part of Dunland (82.0S, 20.0W) are also excellent for hunting Calenard hides. There are large numbers of oxen here  and also a warg/wolf den. The signature bulls will drop 2-3 Calenard hides. This area is also good for your beast-slayer deed! Cartrev Andras, a farm in Starkmoor (81.3S, 21.3W), is also a place of interest. It has a lot of Dun Goats and Dun Bulls, which tend to drop more than one Calenard hide at a time.

Calenard hides in Mirkwood
If you like some dark settings: the Warg area in SW Mirkwood, called Drownholt is a good alternative to hunt for Calenard hides.

Tier 8 - Where to Farm Riddermark hides
For Riddermark hides you have to go to east Rohan. Known good places for farming are:

Riddermark hides in The Wold

The Howling Wood (44.7S, 46.8W) [best place] is a Warg-den in the south eastern part of the Wold, near Floodwend, with lots of wargs (lvl 76-77). They have a quick respawn and you can harvest a lot of Riddermarks and Eorlingas Hides in a short time. 
Fang Point (44.4S, 51.4W) is a Warg-camp directly north of the Memorial of Eorl, south of the fast travel location Feldburg. It has two dens with lvl 76-66 wargs, one to the north and one to the south. Around the warg camps, there is a warband running of the lvl 77 warg Hanrun, with 2 Wold Warg Pack-runners as adds.
Alpha packs: the warg packs directly south of Feldburg, around 43S 52W, seems promising, but are not. Only the alpha's and regular wargs drops hides, the annoying adds - Wold Warg Pack-runners - doesn't. So if Feldburg has some busy hidefarmers, travel to the Howling Wood.

Many wargs can be found in the Howling Wood

Riddermark hides in Norcrofts
Âmbal's Den (51.8S, 57.6W), which is located in a huge wolf-area in the stony hills (look at your map!) north of Faldham and south of the stream that runs across the Norcrofts.  It is probably the most rewarding area in this zone of the Norcrofts.

A good alternative is the evil bear camp, the Valley of the Láthbears (Láthbears Den). It is situated at 54.1S, 52.8W, in the woods southeast of Elthengels. There is a warband too with a big bear, called Swertríper, along with a pair of smaller Daunting láthbears. 

Riddermark hides in Entwash Vale
The cows south-east of Eaworth. 

Riddermark hides in Wildermore
There is a pretty high density of lvl 85 Snow-stalkers (morale = 11.2k) at the summit of High Knolls, around 33.7S 67.6W. They drop regularly Riddermark hides, and also Eorlingas Hides. The also drop -very frequently- Unkempt Furs, which can be turned in for tasks.
Another spot is Dunfast, around 37.7S, 66.8W where some lvl 85 stalkers (white wolves) dwell. These angry beast will drop also twe types of hides, both eorlingas and riddermark.

Tier 9 - Where to Farm Eorlingas hides
For Eorlingas hides you have to go to west Rohan, which is located west of the Entwash Vale and the Sutcrofts. 

The density of animals in the places of West-Rohan is not high. Most of the time you will find some scattered animals, like herd creatures as bulls, cows, stags and goats. Places with boars are also interesting for the hide farmer, just scout the environment where you find the first one. 
If you are farming hides in West Rohan, it is a good idea to do this in conjunction with the slayer deeds in this area. For example, you can combine your Eorlingas hide farming trip with the boar and bear slayer deed in this region.

Places to hunt for a fairly good drop of Eorlingas hides are:
Eorlingas hides in Wildermore 
Outside West Rohan, there is a surprisingly good place to look for Eorlingas hides: the Wildermore! The beasts in this region will drop both Riddermark (Tier 8) and Eorlingas hides (Tier 9). Sometimes you can get even both types of hides from the same animal. A good example are  the lvl 85 Snow-stalkers (morale = 11.2k) at the summit of High Knolls, around 33.7S 67.6W. There are plenty of them and probably one of the best farm spots in the Wildermore. 
Another spot is Dunfast, around 37.7S, 66.8W where some lvl 85 stalkers (white wolves) dwell. These angry beast will drop also two types of hides, both eorlingas and riddermark.
Eorlingas hides in Kingstead
Near the border of the Broadacres, south of the river and east of Middlemead, you can find small groups of herd animals of bull, cows and calf. Just hunt in circles here and collect some hides.

Eorlingas hides in Broadacres
Like all areas in West Rohan, animals are widely scattered here, but there are some places with somewhat higher densities. The woods in Eastern Fangorn, directly east of Torsbury, have a nice amount of deer. Alas, there are many huorns walking here, so you will get easily distracted by these walking trees.
Wolves and deer can be found also east of Stoke, easpecially the zone north of the river, south of Oserley. Finally there are some aurochs in the western part of Broadacres. I found the most W and SW of Stoke, around 49.5-50.6S and 71.7-72.1 W. Just ride around this spot on your warhorse, in a very wide circle and you will find some bulls, cows and calf. Cows and bulls are signature animals, lvl 89-91, cows have 27.5K morale, bulls 59.7- 64.2K1. The cows may drop 2 eorlingas hides and the bulls even 3. Sometimes they only drop tattered furs. The calfs don't drop hides regularly, but they can drop 2 hides too. Just keep an eye on the mounted half-orc warriors here, they are curious and can attack you when you are battling a sig cow or bull.
In the woouds south of the river (south of Stoke), around 52.3S, 72.3W I found also some bulls and cows (aurochs).

Eorlingas hides in Kingstead
I found some lvl 87 roaming wargs south of Middlemead, around 56.5-57.0S, 72.6-73.0W, each of them will drop 1 eorlingas hide. There are also some lvl 85-86 Kingstead deers walking around; they are too low for eorlingas hides, so they will drop riddermark hides. Scattered aurochs can be found in fields north of Edoras, directly north of the river (south of Middlemead and Entwade (look on your map: it 's along the the whole of the slightly wooded area along the morth border of the river north from Edoras, running to the bridge to Entwade).
In the south, between Underharrow  and Upbourn, there are several wargs and some goats, which will drop some hides for you.
Eorlingas hides in Eastfold
I found a loose group of scattered animals around a nameless ruin at 63.3S, 62.5W. There you can find lvl 87-88 Eastfold Boars, Eastfold Lath-bears and also some Howlings Swert-hounds.. They drop regularly 1 Eorlingas Hide and a lot of Tattered Skins. You have to roam the whole wooded area between the nameless ruin and the settlement of Fenmarch to farm a lot of these animals, since the density is not very high. There are no animal dens in West Rohan, so the best strategy is to circle around places where you will encounter hide dropping animals regularly.
In the fields and woods north of Aldburg are many level 88 boars which drop Eorlingas hides. Also look out for the strange looking animals, like the lathbears and swert-hounds, which also drop eorlingas. I found somewhat higher concetnration of boars east of Aldburg, in a wide circle around 68.5S, 62.2W. I found surprisingly higher concentrations of boars around 67.0S, 61.6W, or was it the quest to hunt for boar-meat why they showed up?

Eorlingas hides in Westfold
Another known place for Tier 9 hides is the area outside Helm's Dike in Westfold. There are a lot of wargs, goats and aurochs here which drops your most wanted Eolingas hides. But take care, there are some uruks and scouts roaming the area and they can delay your hide-hunting trip significantly.

Eorlingas hides in Stonedeans
I didn't find a lot of wild beasts to hunt in Stonedeans, alas. Some wolves can be found south of Brockbridge, but their density is very low. A somewhat higher density of lvl 91-92 Stonedeans bears - intermixed with some lvl 92 Stonedeans Hill-goats - can be found in the Roaring Hills, east of Woodhurst. They will drop 1 Eorlingas hide, and 2 Tattered Furs (task item). These hills are located at the west edge of the forest on the map: roughly within the area between 47.2S, 76.0W - 48.6S, 76.2W and 47.6S, 77.2W-47.2S, 76.0W. You can combine your hide hunt with the quest "An Unbearable Road", which will order you to collect 9 bearhides and slay also 9 bears (get it at a small camp near 46.5S, 76.3W).

Hides in West Rohan - a conclusion
In all areas of West Rohan you have to circle a wide area to gather larger stacks of hides. So, in general, there is no 'best place' in West Rohan to gather a lot of them in a small spot. There are no animal dens in West Rohan, although a spot east of Aldburg has a relatively high concentration of boars (see above). In that case, the wooded areas of the Eastfold are probably the best places to gather hides, but don't expect large quantities in a short time here. If you are in dire need of Eorlingas hides, maybe the wolves of Wildermore (see section above) are a good alternative, especially from lvl 90 onwards. 

In conclusion, the hide farming in West Rohan resembles the real world better than any quick farming spot in Middle Earth. Just look and hunt for the animals a spots you find the best. And remember, the animals respawn rather quick, so if you hunt in a wide area, you will encounter plenty of wild beasts!

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  1. I just wanted to say that this is a very helpful guide, thanks. Also, for large hides, Caltrev Andras (in Starkmoor) is a good place as it has a lot of Dun Goats and Dun Bulls, which tend to drop more than one large hide at a time.

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  6. Hi Elannah, Malancil calling.
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    I appreciate your work and have been following this blog since i started playing in september 2013

  7. Hi Malancil, I will update the blog soon. Thanks for the note and praise for my blog. Happy gaming in Lotro's Middle Earth! op

    1. Malancil again :-) . Another update.
      You mention Fornost, well I went up there to check things out and they are of course a bit scattered, but around some grave mounds you can easily get 5-8 barghests with little effort. The area is the western part of Fornost (towards Evendim) the approximate coordinates would starting from 56.8W towards 58.5W. The northern part of that section. All barghests are level 25-27.

  8. Updated the blog, many thanks for the excellent additions

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  10. This is what you wrote:
    "At a higher level I can advise you to hunt for aurochs in Nan Amlug East. At 7.7S, 39.7W you see 2 small pools with many lvl 32-33 elite Hoar-mantles (1580-1687 morale). These shaggy cows will drop 2 sturdy hides and they re-spawn very quickly. Best to circle around both lakes or in the vicinity (especially at 7.3S 40.7W !) and clean the area constantly"

    And I whole-heartedly agree! I did this just today. My husband told me where it was but I wasn't exactly sure -exactly- where it was. So I looked it up and stumbled upon this blog. Wonderful!
    The Roving Hoar-Mantles tend to give 3 sturdy hides. The Juveniles give 1 or 2. Then there is one Strong Hoar-Mantle that gives 3. The Roving will sometimes give 2. I'm a level 45 Guardian and I don't have an issue killing them with great joy to help my little Explorer Elf Rune-Keeper level through crafting.
    So thank you very much for putting this up! I made sure to tell my brother about it.

  11. Great! Thank you for this addition. All places in this blog are personally checked, sometimes even with a screenshot and a small narrative. I always look out for new hunting places during my map making exercises! Check them out if you need any wood, ore or scholar artifacts.

  12. I like this website. I have an addition for where to farm hides. I have found a great place for Calenard hides in Dunland. Just west of Galtrev. Between Blood Tusks Den and The Dragon Claw Settlement.

  13. I will check it out soon Aeg, and will add the spot in the blog soon

  14. I just randomly found your blog love it by the way I am Kuragerus a lvl 66 ministrel on Eldar the same server as you how crazy:)

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  16. best place for Prestine Hides is Nan Orngon in 20 min i get more than 100 hides and you never need to wait for respawn

  17. Thx for this great addition! I updated the blog for Nan Orngon

  18. Just thought you might like to add that for Riddermark hides, the wargs at the howling den also drop calenard hide. And its literally a 2 -1 ratio so for every 200 Riddermark hies you will also get 100 Calenard. Which is handy if you want to kill two birds with one stone. Nice post though very helpful.

  19. Wildermore Erlingas Hides: Just above Byre Tor stable you will find a heard of about eight goats. They spawn rather quickly and you can score 10 Erlingas Hides per round. Goat heard is found at 31.9S, 67.1W.

  20. Thank you, this is great!

  21. The wargs in the northeast camp of the Northern High Pass in Misty Mountains are now all level 43.

  22. Thanks RonH, I corrected the text. There are probably more level changes, maybe I am doing a grand tour some day to correct all changes. After LOTRO changed to the 3 skill trees, hide farming is relatively easy since you character will do much more damage than in the old LOTRO-system. Anyway, have fun with hidefarming!

  23. The wargs in the NE camp of Northern High Pass are 43 and now drop pristine instead of exceptional hides, so the Misty Mountains aren't a great place for exceptional hides anymore that I could find. Love your blog!

  24. Awesome page, very Helpful! There is one error I see however. You state : The Howling Wood (44.7S, 46.8W) [best place] is a Warg-den in the south eastern part of the Wold, near Floodwend, with lots of wargs (lvl 76-77). They have a quick respawn and you can harvest a lot of Riddermarks and Eorlingas Hides in a short time. Actually, it is too low a level for Eorlingas, you get Riddermark and Calenard there.

  25. You put an incredible amount of effort into these "resource" pages (hides, ore, wood). Plotting the maps must have been painfully tedious. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your work. I'm constantly referring to your pages (so please don't remove them anytime soon :-).