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Exploring the secret places of Esteldin

Many players have visited Esteldin. It's an old ruin full of Rangers and a major craft center for Tailors and Tinkers. Its an impressive place to see it from above, with all these sturdy walls and fortified towers. If you want to visit the ruins and have a good look from above, go to Dol Dinen. Somewhere at that nasty place you can enter the mountains. These mountains are vast and one of the best rocky places to visit in the North Downs. 

The whole mountain area between Kingsfell and Rhunenland,

is an excellent off road area to explore

There are some peaks to climb, but none of them will give you a sneak peek into the Orc and Troll camps of Dol Dinen. The reason for this obscured view of Dol Dinen is an evil fog in the air, which will darken you sight.

Anyway, the mountain area south of Esteldin and east of Meluinen is vast and a small wonder to explore. if you ever wanna visit an off road area in LOTRO, this is the place to be.

The south part of the mountain area, near Meluinen

Southern part, looking west

Lots of small peaks to explore!

Obscured view in the western mountain range, due to the foul air in Dol Dinen

Well if you wanna see a breathtaking view, one of the best in Lotro from above, travel the whole mountain-range to Esteldin. It is a nice trip, full of green and rocky mountain peaks and some can even be climbed. 

In the center of the mountain-range between Kingsfell and Rhunenland

Almost there, deep in the valley lies Esteldin

Good old, Esteldin. Even more beautiful from above
Esteldin, east part
If you are bold, you can even climb the walls of Esteldin. There are 3 layers, and the middle one is the best to explore. Unfortunately you cannot climb the crescent shaped arcs, but there is a lot to see on the stone roofs of this big ruin. I even tried to jump across, to the northern part. I failed at my first attempt, but maybe ... if you try hard enough you can jump across the entrance way and visit the northern part. Who dares?

Esteldin from the roof

Recently I want to see Esteldin again, and lo and behold, I managed to enter the northern mountain range of Esteldin. You can visit a small ruin higher up on the mountain ridge, with an ancient towerhouse. You can also venture to the plains which are bordering the Mountain range of Angmar. Some pictures of my voyage in this hitherho uncharted part of the North-downs are given below.

The ruin on the north mountain rim, just above Esteldin
The two gorges leading to Angmar. Don't take the left one!
Esteldin as seen from the northern maintain ridge
Rushfold, from above
The most eastern road in North-downs, leading to Angmar

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