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Off Map Places in Lotro

Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) is a huge world, and its larger every year! There are many places to visit, and some are really breathtaking. Lots of people are playing this game because of the atmosphere and beautiful landscapes. And that's the same reason why I am playing this game now since September 2007.

Orthanc, a famous landmark which can be visited at lvl 65

The Argonath, you can swim between the statues!

Some places are hard to reach and are an adventure on there own. But, with a clever path through the mountains or a forest, you can reach it. But the most challenging parts of Middle Earth are the mountaintops and hill which seem nearly impossible to reach. They are simply too high or too steep to climb by foot or by horse. Well, in fact this is not partially true. Some inaccessible landmarks, which should be indeed inaccessible, can be reached. You need only luck, determination and a keen eye for spots to climb.
From the web: Aughaire (spot not visited by myself)
From the web: Frostbluff (spot not visited by myself)
From the web, a stunning rock-carving in the mountains (where?)
On this page I show you some pictures from my own adventures in Lotro, and some from people who have been at places I couldn't reach. The point is, if an inaccessible place is known to be reached, the devs close is for sure. Most of the time you see nothing of a closed spot, but you will 'feel' it when you reached it: its closed by an invisible wall. You just bump into something solid, and can't proceed any further.

Ah well, it's always worth a try to reach an inaccessible spot, take a picture and be happy that you have ever reached it. If you wanna know some nice spots, just read my blogs and try to figure out who to reach them. I am not gonna tell you exactly how I reached them, since that would spoil the adventure. Moreover, there is always a risk that a known climbing spot to a seemingly inaccessible spot, will be closed by the devs. Sometimes its understandable, but someplaces are just fun to visit and worth to be explored.

I hope you will enjoy my blogs and the wonderful world of Lord of the Rings Online!

The Shire

Most off road places can be explored in the Shire. And thats fun, because lots of people don't visit this region anymore above level 20.
Bindbole wood with ruin
Greenfield - Brockenborings
Bamfurlong, Farmer Maggot's place
Brandywine River, with Brandy Hall and Bamfurlong
Michel Delving
Rushbock Bog - Pinglade
Bindbole Wood - Lob's Grove


As like the Shire, Breeland is an interesting place to look for some off road places to be. Maybe there are more: tell me if you found any!
Bree by Night
Old Bree, before they pimped it up
Brandywine River, beyond the rapids

Trollshaws and Lone-lands

Some off road places can be found in Trollshaws and the Lone-lands, but they are a bit scarce. Maybe you can find some more?
Lone-lands - Naerost
Lone-lands - Ost Guruth
Southeast Lone-lands - Talath Gaun
Trollshaws, NE Giant Valley
Trollshaws - Giant Valley

Evendim and Forochel

Other places are easy to visit, but have breathtaking  views.

Forochel, Northern Lights
Evendim - Arthobel, a ruin near Annuminas
Evendim, rocky plateau at the western mountain ridge

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