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Instance: Sammath Gûl

The entrance of  Sammath Gûl

Sammath Gûl

Sammath Gûl is located in Dol Guldur, Mirkwood and is known to be one of the places where a Symbol of Celebrimbor drops (by the way: I didn't get one when I defeated him). With this symbol you can craft 2nd ages weapons of level 65. Also, you have to defeat Gorothul for the last quest of the Epic books, its Vol. II Book 9, Epilogue: Gorothúl of Dol Guldur. Btw. all 'Foreword' and 'Epilogue' quests are not actually part of the Epic Questline, even though they may be listed below the corresponding tab. Finishing this quest will give you only Medaillons and this quest isn't required for further gear or advancment.

Vol. II Book 9, Epilogue: Gorothúl of Dol Guldur can be activated with the instance finder(search for the tab: Sammath Gûl in Dol Guldur)

When entering the castle you are attacked by many guards. They are no real problem, but avoid too much aggro. Beware the ranged ones, they can do a lot of damage. Harder are the Brutes, they have a 1 minute skill that make them invulnerable to attacks, also when he activates this skill he will absorb the damage given to his adds. Best strategy is to kill the adds first around the Brute, so they will not be affected by the Brute's skill, After that, kill the Brute. Stunning the adds ia a good strategy.
On the floor you will find some bone piles; they will activate a spirit mob, which can in turn summon a skeleton on a regular basis. If you need the quest to kill theundeads, just kill them, otherwise avoid stepping on a bonepile.


First boss: Urchir
Urchir lies on a table and you will activate him when you come too close to him. First thing to do is to clear the room. Just aggro the groups of guards and finish them off. After that, you can wake Urchir by going to his dais. Before this, eat some in-combat regeneration stuff and apply some anti-fire damage stuff. When you are start fighting Urchir, don't stay on the grates, since there is a chance that flames will come from below.
If he says “Can you handle the burn?”,  Urchir will give you some massive burn damage. Keep close to your group and the damage will be splitted.
If he says “Will you bring doom to your friends?” split from the group and take the damage alone. It is a good stategy to run near the walls avoiding the grates areas.
When Urchir is getting low on morale the room starts filling with flames. That is the most damgerous part of the fight.Finish him off quickly when the flames come, so save your high DPS skills for this last part of the fight.

Urchir in flames

Fire Mitigations for your pet:
Raven/Eagle: use at least  Bag of Hearty Crumbs, or  Bag of Crispy Crumbs, or Bag of Eastemnet Crumbs
Bear: use at least Pot of Sweet Honey and Oats, or Pot of Scrumptious Honey and Oats , or Pot of Eastemnet Honey and Oats
Lynx: use at least  Cut of Lean Meat, or  Cut of Spicy Meat, or Cut of Eastemnet Meat
Bog-Guardian: use at least Bowl of Fresh Water, or Bowl of Spring Water, or Bowl of Eastemnet Water

Second boss: Alagossír
It seems that Alagossir will not fight anymore in a special arena, but he can still knock-back you pretty far. When he calls out your name, Alagossír will use his ranged one-hit kill attack. To avoid this, quickly get in melee range (about 2,5 meters) to avoid this deadly attack.
Alagossír will summon some lightnings at the end of the battle; to avoid a lot of damage, just stay close on the dais where you first met him.


Third boss: Gorothul
A very straightforward boss, who will consult Sauron first before he will fight you. Until he decides to fight, you can do nothing. After he starts fighting, kill him with lots of dps; some adds will help him, but they are not a big problem.

Boss Gorothul is conversing with ... Sauron!

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