donderdag 27 maart 2014

Best gear & jewelry for the Loremaster

I always wonder which jewelry and gear is the best, especially for a Loremaster.
If you are not a raid-player, then that can be a problem if you want seriously the best gear, since the best can be required by doing raids. If you are a hunter-gatherer, maybe there is some alternative. Sell some good stuff on the Auction Hall and buy some good gear crafted by high level crafters.

Gear for the Non-raid Level 95 Loremaster

Below you see an example of end-game gear for the Loremaster.
It was inspired by the gear of Valadhriel, a level 95 loremaster on the Eldar Server.
If you have any better ideas, please add them in the comments.

Happy Farming!

Loremaster gear
Loremaster Jewelry & Pocket Item

Gear for the PvP Level 95 Loremaster

Below you see an example of Pvp gear for the Loremaster, which can be required by battling player-monsters in Ettenmoors.
The gear and jewelry is inspired by Dairuin, a level 95, a very high ranked (r13 = Second Marshall) loremaster on the Eldar Server.
Happy Monster-slaying in Etten!

PvP - Gear

Jewelry example of PvP-player

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