zondag 11 september 2016

Index Elannah's Wonderful Lotro World

After a break of one year, I am playing Lotro again. So, good news for the scholars: I have recently updated my blog for tier 9 and 10 scholar artifacts in Gondor. The new pages can be found in the index below.


Remmirath, the Netted Stars, right above my head.


1. Lotro Crafting Guide                                                     
Scholar and scholar Artifacts
Where to find Scholar Stuff in Lotro 
Where to find Scholar Stuff in Rohan and Wildermore
Where to find Scholar Stuff in Gondor and AnĂ³rien
Scholar in Lotro: making dye

Woodworker and Wood locations
How to become a woodworker
The Woodworkers Guild
Wood in Lotro - and where to farm it

Tailor and Hide farming locations
Hides - and where to farm them

Prospector and Ore locations
Ore in Lotro, and where to find it

How to become a member of the Jeweller's Guild

2. Lotro Deeds, Traits & Virtues  guide                             

Elven Race traits
Hobbit Race traits
Dwarven Race traits
Man Race traits 
3. Lotro Class guide                                                           
Loremaster skills: Flanking
Loremaster: using your combat pets
Loremaster: non-combat pets
Loremaster: gear and jewelry

4. Lotro Leveling guide                                                      
Levelling from 1 to 60

5. Lotro Plugins                                                                  
Huge Bag Plugin

6. Doing damage                                                                
Damage with an edge - Damage types
How to get your first legendary weapon

7. Finding fellowships                                                       
Joining a high level Instance

8. The stars and the moon in Lotro                                   
Constellations in Lotro

9. Off map adventuring in Lotro                                        
Off Map Places in Lotro
How I learned to fly in LOTRO's Middle Earth  
The Shire
Climbing the Waterfall of Bindbole 
The Borg Cube in The Shire
Peeking behind the gate of Michel Delving 
Climbing the waterfall of Woodhall
The forlorn Hobbitvillage in Breetown
The Hidden World behind Ost Guruth
North Downs
Exploring the secret places of Esteldin
Iceberg hopping in Forochel

10. Lotro Free to Play Guide                                               
Free to play guide

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  1. Thx friends for all the encouraging comments. I had a break for 1 year, but now I am updating my maps again. Happy gaming on Lotro

  2. Welcome back, and thank you for these great guides!