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Dwarven Race Traits

Racial Traits - what are they?
If you are a dwarf, it is good to realize there are special dwarven -related racial traits to earn.
In total there are nine dwarven race traits, and a maximum of 5 Racial traits can be slotted in your Trait Panel. Racial Traits are unique to each race and will enable you to do extra skills or to get some special bonuses (see the description below). Most traits can be earned to do certain slayer deeds at a specified level. These deeds will open as soon as you slay the required enemy species, like a goblin on level 13 or a spider at level 19, an orc at level 25, etc. You will earn a Racial trait as soon as you defeat the specified number of enemies to be slain, or as soon as you become 'friends' with the Dwarven faction in Ered Luin.

When do Racial Traits become available?
The first Racial Trait, and trait slot will open at level 13. So, as soon as you hit level 13, you can start to work on your first Racial Trait. Here is a level overview of the the Racial Trait slots:

Level     Available trait slot
13        Racial Trait Slot 1
19        Racial Trait Slot 2
25        Racial Trait Slot 3
31        Racial Trait Slot 4
37        Racial Trait Slot 5

Note: VIP-Players have normal access to the trait slots, free-to-play players will need to buy them with TP-points.

How to earn your racial traits
You can earn the dwarf related traits by doing special deeds, the so-called 'Dwarven deeds'. You will get these deeds by slaying some nasty racial enemies (evil dourhand dwarves, goblins and trolls), and by becoming friends with the dwarven faction in Ered Luin (visit Thorin's Hall and go inside). You can become friends by gaining reputation, and you will get reputation by doing special quests. You can also get reputation from Reputation Items. These items can be found by slaying and looting enemies, or you can buy them at an Auction House. Just click on these reputation items (right of left click), and you will gain a certain amount of reputation!

Deeds at level 13

Head-butt-icon.png  Headbutt
How to get: by slaying 50 dourhand Dwarves; you can find a lot of them in Ered Luin, in a ruin north of Gondamon. In the northern part of the Shire, east of needlehole, there live also some Dourhands
Deed: Enmity of the Dourhands (I)
Benefits: this trait enables you to slot the Headbutt skill, a short distanced melee attack. Using this skill grants you the ability to do a little melee damage, and - more importantly - a chance to daze your opponent for 3 seconds (2.5m range, 10 secs cooldown, daze will stop if the enemy is damaged).

Fateful Dwarf-icon.png Fateful Dwarf
How to get: by slaying 50 goblins, you can find them in the west part of Ered Luin, but also in the Shire and in Bree-Land.
Deed: Enmity of the Goblins (I)
Benefits: you get +20 Fate bonus (important, since Fate will autoheal you a bit during combat)

Deeds at level 19

File:Guile and Might Bonus-icon.png Guile and Might Bonus

How to get: by slaying 100 Dourhands in a level 19+ area (go to the Lonelands, south of Ost Guruth).
Deed: Enmity of the Dourhands II
Benefits: you get a +5% damage bonus on red and yellow conjunctions (these are the red and yellow buttons to press when a Fellowship Manoeuvre occurs).

Deeds at level 25

File:Dwarf Axe-damage Bonus-icon.png Dwarf Axe-damage bonus
How to get: by slaying 150 dourhands in a level 25+ area. 
Deed: Enmity of the Dourhands III
Benefits: you will get a +5% to the damage of a 1-hand or 2-handed Axe.

Deeds at level 29

File:Return to Thorin's Gate (Trait)-icon.png Return to Thorin's Gate (lvl 29)
How to get: by slaying 100 goblins in a level 29+ area (Troll-Shaws, Evendim, Angmar).
Deed: Enmity of the Goblins II
Benefits: you can quick-travel to Thorin's Gate in Ered Luin (cooldown 1 hour)

Deeds at level 30

File:Dwarf-endurance (Trait)-icon.png Dwarf-endurance (lvl 30)
How to get: by slaying 100 trolls in a level 30+ area (Troll-Shaws, Angmar).
Deed: Enmity of the Trolls (I)
Benefits: when you slot this trait, you will get a level dependent Vitality buff (extra Morale!) to your fellowship for 10 minutes (30 min cooldown).

Deeds at level 35

File:Endurance of Stone (trait)-icon.png Endurance of Stone (lvl 35)
How to get: by slaying 250 Goblins.Level 35+ Goblins can be found in Angmar and Goblin Town (Misty Mountains).
Deed: Enmity of the Goblins III
Benefits: by slotting this trait, you will get only half damage from incoming melee, ranged and tactical attacks for 10 seconds (-50% damage, 30 min cooldown).

File:Shield Brawler-icon.png Shield Brawler (lvl 35)
How to get: by slaying 150 trolls (in Trollshaws, Sarnur, Angmar or Misty Mountains)
Deed: Enmity of the Trolls II
Benefits: your Block rating will be greater (+ 20.2 * level, eg. at level 40 the block rating will get a bouns of 20.2*40 = + 808). As a result, your defensive combat abilities will be permanently improved if you slot this trait (remember: you get the bonus only if you slot it!).

File:Virtuous Dwarf-icon.png Virtous Dwarf (lvl 35)
How to get: by becoming friends with the dwarven faction (to be otbtained in Ered Luin, of hunting for dwarven reputation items in the mines of the Dourhands, in Sarnur-Ered Luin or in the Icereave Mines mines near Zirakzigil in Forochel).
Deed: Friend of Thorin's Hall. You can find this faction inside Thorin's Hall, in the upper north of Ered Luin. You can get there quickly by horse (go to a stable master in Michel Delving, Celondim or Bree-town).
Benefits: you will get a +1 bonus on your traits Fidelity, Honesty, Loyalty.

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