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Zeal is a virtue that gives you more Morale and Armour, while it also increases your defenses against melee attacks.

Follow these arrows for the table to increase your Zeal rank

You can increase your Zeal by doing the following deeds:

Location/Best Location
Broodhunter-slayer (kill 450 Barrow-Spiders)
Barrow of Taradan in the Northern Barrow Downs [30.9S, 55.0W]
(a few barrow-spiders for this deed can also be found in the barrows of Haudh Taenthond [30.3S, 56.1W] and Hautham [30.3S, 56.0W]
Ered Luin
Goblin-slayer (kill 90 Goblins)
Rath Teraig [24.8S, 96.1W], or
Dol Ringwest [24.9S, 95.0W], or
Orodost [20.2S, 102.3W]
Ered Luin
Spider-slayer (kill 90 Spiders)
webbed valley in Rath Teraig [24.8S, 96.1W]
North Downs
Goblin-slayer (kill 270 Goblins)
South of Annúndir at [12.0S, 49.7W],
or in Dol Dínen at [15.41S, 39.6W]
Troll-slayer (kill 240 Trolls)
Go into one of the 3 troll caves
Nurath Dungeon in Bruinen Gorges at 32.2S, 13.4W, or
Torogrod Dungeon in the North Trollshaws at 29.5S, 20.3W, or
Thingroth Dungeon in the North Trollshaws at 29.3S, 18.2W
Misty Mountains
Giant-slayer (kill 240 Giants)
around Giant's Needle at 30.4S, 3.5E or in Iorbar at 30.6S, 5.7E
Kergrim-slayer (kill 360 Kergrims)
Inside the tomb of Haudh Valandur 16.4S, 66.5W (9 Kergrims which respawn very fast)
Orc-slayer (180 Orcs)
The dungeon of Bûrzum Pushdug [4.3N, 35.0W] or the camps at Mor Maudhúl in Eastern Malenhad [3.1N, 27.7W] or Ongbishúk in Gorothlad [1.0S, 25.7W]
Worm-slayer (180 Worms)
the hot springs north of Zigilzund at 10.2N, 82.6W
Moria: Silvertine Lodes or Zirakzigil
Dragonet-slayer (180 Dragonets)
Silvertine Lodes in and around a chamber located at 12.1S, 111.2W,
or go to the snowy high plains of Zirakzigil at 14.9N, 109.9W
Silvertine Lodes
Flaming Deeps
Redhorn Lodes
Foundations of Stone
Bulwarks of the Enemy 
(find 8 locations for +2 Zeal)
Find 8 locations:
Memem-berej in the Silvertine Lodes at 11.0S, 112.8W
Harâzgund in The Water-works at 17.6S, 116.9W
Forges Khazad-dûm in the Flaming Deeps at 17.0S, 109.8W
Fil Gashan in the Flaming Deeps at 17.1S, 109.9W
Gate of Ruin in The Redhorn Lodes at 10.2S, 103.9W
Skûmfil in the Foundations of Stone at 13.2S, 100.4W
Dark Delvings in the Foundations of Stone at 15.9S, 97.3W
Sixteenth Hall in Nud-melek at 11.1S, 101.0W
Moria: Nud-melek
Corruption in Command (Defeat 3 bosses in the 16th Hall: Tramug, Dhûrz and The Lost One)
16th Hall; a 6 man instance located near the campsite at 11.1S, 101.0W
Moria: The Flaming Deeps
Orcs of the Forge (Defeat 80 Orcs in the Forges of Khazad-dûm);
Forges of Khazad-dûm a 6/6 man instance at 17.0S, 109.7W
Moria: Zelem-melek,
Discovering Adventures in Zelem-melek
Explore and defeat enemies in:
Baiúrz-mur [8.08S, 107.34W]
Skrithûrz-ulíma [8.1S, 108.3W]
Mudmul-charâf [6.4S, 108.4W]
Explore and help someone in the Hall of Flowing Water [9.1S, 107.7W]
Discover and explore Uzbad-bakân [10.5S, 107.9W]
Wood-troll Slayer (180 Goblins)
northwest corner of Mournshaws [67.2S, 24.8W]
Exploring Carreglyn: find 7 locations
Find 7 locations:
Lower Barnavon [84.9S, 16.8W]
Upper Barnavon [84.9S, 17.6W]
Naur-maudhûl [81.9S, 15.7W]
Barnavon Mine [84.7S, 14.4W]
Hen Turrau [85.1S, 15.1W]
Lhun Avanc [86.0S, 17.4W]
Munfaeril's Shrine [83.9S, 16.8W]
Quests in the Bonevales
Complete 30 quests within the Bonevales
Great River:
Mega Deed
Explorer of the Great River. Complete 7 other deeds:
Complete all the Deed at the following locations:  
Thinglad Explorer
Discover 5 locations:
Foul-maw's Den [24.4S, 60.8W]
Haldirith [21.5S, 63.4W]
Old Burrows [23.0S, 63.8W]
Ûngund [19.8S, 63.4W]
Hîs-urdan [23.7S, 62.1W]
Eorlsmead Explorer
Discover 5 locations:
Abandoned Farm [29.5S, 60.1W]
Fetid Caves [28.0S, 61.3W]
Stangard [25.9S, 63.4W]
Eorlsmead Tower [28.0S, 59.9W]
Teeming Nest [26.5S, 60.1W]
Limlight Gorge Explorer
Discover 7 locations:
Limlight Gatehouse [25.4S, 67.0W]
Limlight Falls [28.5S, 72.3W]
Ent-grove [29.4S, 72.1W]
Fallen Watchtower [28.1S, 68.6W]
Pothole [27.3S, 71.3W]
Prospector's Shack [27.0S, 69.9W]
Old Sawmill [29.0S, 69.7W]
Wailing Hills Explorer
Discover 7 locations:
The Cuthstan [25.6S, 66.0W]
Frithstan's camp [24.6S, 65.5W]
Nink-hai Camp [27.4S, 66.7W]
Mor-Hai Settlement [23.9S, 68.1W]
Secluded Clearing [22.2S, 64.9W]
Venom-Bite Cave [22.2S, 66.5W]
Aster Hill [22.9S, 65.7W]
Parth Celebrant Explorer
Discover 5 locations:
Idmar's Camp [28.5S, 56.8W]
Field of Celebrant [28.5S, 57.9W]
Hordfierd [30.4S, 57.9W]
Ost Celebrant [30.3S, 56.0W]
Murderous Pit [26.6S, 57.3W]
Rushgore Explorer
Discover 6 locations:
Aculf's Camp [29.1S, 55.2W]
Atburg [30.9S, 53.8W]
Wyrmdenn [28.0S, 54.6W]
Creeping Mud [28.3S, 51.9W]
Tik Botokh [30.0S, 53.2W]
Clutch-ground [29.5S, 52.8W]
Brown Lands Explorer
Discover 5 locations:
Etheburg [31.3S, 52.1W]
Helstor [28.9S, 50.5W]
Lashkarg [33.2S, 51.9W]
Desolation Gardens [32.8S, 47.9W]
The Stone-hole [32.0S, 47.8W]
East Rohan
Enemies of the Rohirrim
Discover 12 locations:
Olghakhósh [40.2S, 49.0W]
Jóshkhin Orda [41.8S, 47.7W]
Nîn-stazg [47.0S, 46.9W]
Eastmund's Lair [36.1S, 56.0W]
South Undeep [34.9S, 47.9W]
Kufuzg [51.4S, 52.9W]
White Hand War-camp [55.7S, 55.1W]
Ash Durub [62.0S, 56.2W]
Ufum-mau [64.7S, 55.5W]
Krash-Bálum [54.1S, 59.6W]
Maustazg [49.1S, 62.7W]
Thrug-unur [40.1S, 68.6W]
Quests of the Balewood
Complete 25 quests in Balewood
West Rohan
Boar and Bear Slayer of the Westemnet
Defeat 200 boars and/or bears in the Westemnet

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