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The Woodworkers Guild

The Woodworkers Guild

The Woodworkers Guild is a special Crafting Guild for Woodworkers. As soon as you enlist as a member, you are enable to buy special recipes. These are for crafing special wood products, like bows and other weapons made of wood. The most experienced Woodworker can even craft second and first Age Weapons, which make him or her a very powerful crafter indeed. Membership of a crafting guild is exclusive. This means that you can only be a member of 1 crafting guild. As soon as you choose another, you loose all the benefits and all the reputation points of the Guild you once belonged.

Enlist as Guild Member
To enlist, you need to find the Master of Crafting Guilds. Such a Master can be found in crafting halls or at crafting site, like in Michel Delving (opposite of the stable master, I like that place!). Masters of the Crafting Guilds are often found near a Master or Mistress of Apprentices. 
You can only enlist a Guild after you reached at least the expert tier in the related profession. So, as a Woodworker, you have to reach Tier 3 by crafting Rowan weapons and components and (after reaching Tier 2) crafting Ash Weapons and components. As soon as you reach the Expert level  [at that tier you can harvest Yew wood] you can enlist The Guild.

The Woodworkers Guild itself is situated in the crafting hall in Esteldin, and at this place you can buy very exclusive Guild recipes.

Working you way up in the Guild, from Initiate to Grand Master
You start as a Guild Initiate, and you have to work your way up by gathering experience until you are one of the Grand Masters of the Guild. In the Table below, you can see how many experience points you need to level up until Grand Master. 

But beware! To level up you don't need normal XP by slaying monsters, doing quests or crafting wood. Instead of Xp, you need reputation points and you can earn these by crafting special Woodworkers Carvings. These Carvings can only be made after you acquired Tier 3, and you can buy the recipes in the Woodworkers Guild. This Guild is located inside the crafting hall of Esteldin, in the North Downs. Just go inside the crafting hall, pick the left door - near the superior workbench and Tadhirien, a girl selling woodworkers recipes. You can buy the Carving recipes from a dwarf, called Guthki. Other recipes are sold by two ladies, Rinfindiel and Tawarbes. Just look around and decide what you need or what you have to do to buy a recipe. In general this will be leveling by crafting wood, and by earning reputation point by crafting carvings.

Reputation Level
Points Needed
Total Rep Points Needed
Guild Initiate
Apprentice of the Guild
Journeyman of the Guild
Expert of the Guild
Artisan of the Guild
Master of the Guild
Grand Master of the Guild

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