woensdag 13 februari 2013

Joining a high level Instance

So you cant find a party for a high level instance?

I can advise you to join the GlobalLFF Channel
And you will get ample opportunity to do endgear quests instances.

To join you type:

/joinchannel GlobalLFF [return]

To chat in this user defined channel, you first have to type the command:

/1 [return]

After this, you are in User Chat channel 1, which would be normally the GlobalLFF channel.
When you log in, watch your screen and you will see a message which channel is active.
It works pretty the same as the LFF, Global or OOC channels.

To quit a user defined channel, you have only to type:

/leavechannel [channelname] [return]

So, for leaving the GlobalLFF channel, you have to type:

/leavechannel GlobalLFF [return]

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