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Iceberg hopping in Forochel

Forochel is a wonderful place. Some people don't like it there, but as a seasonal visitor of the high north I really appreciate Forochel a lot. The fantastic white landscape, crisp skies and a frozen nose. The occasional trumpet of a mammoth and the Aurora Borealis are the most exotic things to experience there.

Northern lights or Aurora Borealis in Forochel

In Suri-Kyla there is a curious black and triangular shaped iceberg. If you ever wanna explore that thing, I can say that nothing is impossible. If you are level 70 or 75 swimming to that iceberg is easy. If you are of a lower level you need some food for continous morale regeneration.

The black triangular iceberg at Suri-Kyla

The first thing you have to do is to swim to the nearest flat ice-shelve. After that you have to wait to regenerate your morale and then take the swim to the black triangular. Don't be too eager, since at a certain line there is a deadly invisible wall. If you pass that line, you will be killed instantly, alas. So, I have to do that swimming trip all over again and again. Unfortunately the whole ice-sea at Forochel is guarded by a deadly invisible wall. But some iceberg and ice-shelves can be reached. Have fun to find out.

Reaching the first ice-shelve, black iceberg ahead!

Entering the ice-shelve of the black iceberg

Another funny trip, is a ride to Kuru-Leiri. If you follow the seashore to the east, or rather the icy perimeter, you will find a nice white ice-bridge. That bridge is more beautiful than the ice-bridge at Suri-Kyla, and its worth a trip to visit it

The white ice-bridge at Kuru-Leiri

Just before the ice-bridge there are two white pointed icebergs. Its very easy to swim to these icebergs and you can even climb to the summits of them. Have a friend with you to take some pictures, since it is a awesome sight to see a tiny adventurer on a huge iceberg. And if you swim through the deadly cold water, don't forget to look down at the base of an iceberg. Its really true that you can see only 1/10th of them above the surface!

Climbing an iceberg with Raynah. If you look carefully, you can see me on the right one!

Both icebergs near the ice-bridge can be climbed. Do you see me?

View from an iceberg: a ghostly ship ahead

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